Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I cannot STAND this--Casey Anthony

I am so tired of hearing how the jury got it wrong in the Casey Anthony trial today. Of course, the loudest complainers are those who have been calling for her head for years, long before the first piece of evidence was ever presented to the jury, so clearly they have no respect for the jury system in the first place.

I have no idea why it makes me so crazy. I know most of the world cannot separate their emotions from the facts before them, and it scares the hell out of me that we let regular people like that on juries. This is not news to me.

I am shocked that she was found not guilty but not for the same reason everyone else is shocked. The State flat did not prove their case. Simple as that. I am shocked the jury could see through the emotion of it to get down to brass tacks to return the verdict the evidence required. For one of the few times, I am proud of a jury.

I know juries. I deal with them every day. I have talked to lots of jurors after a verdict and am shocked and amazed every single time at the information they give us. If I can be surprised, and it is my business to understand juries, then it is no wonder the rest of the world can be surprised at jury behavior. What I do not understand is the rabid reaction of the general public to this verdict

Where is the outrage against the State for wasting resources on a case they knew they could not prove? For torturing the families involved? Why is the anger directed at the jury who could only work with what they were given.

In the end, Caylee is still dead. Conviction or no conviction, nothing can change that.


Funder said...

Dude, I had never even heard of her til last week. But when Facebook exploded in outrage about the verdict today, the first thing I thought was "Well, I guess the state didn't prove she was guilty beyond a reasonable doubt." I hate it when people are convicted in the media and everyone suddenly loses sight of the "beyond a reasonable doubt" standard. Let's get really outraged about wrongful convictions on flimsy evidence elsewhere in the world then get really outraged about acquittals here. Yippee.

duffylou said...

I have either listened to or watched the trial on the internet over the last couple of weeks.

The whole trial was a farce. I totally agree that the defense blew too many reasonable doubt holes in the state's case.

When it went to the jury I made the statement I wouldn't want to be the one responsible for making that decision.

Whether you know in your gut she did it, it was up to the state to prove it. Period. And what the hell was that rebuttal Ashton?

Queen-Size funny bone said...

I think the murder of a child outrages everyone

Holly said...

I'm sure the emotion has to do with the fact that it was a child and she neglected to report it for so long. Which does not equal facts of course. I have said as much on my FB page, that the jury did what they could with the evidence (or lack of it) put in front of them. Do *I* think she did it? Probably or at least had something to do with it, but that is a far cry from PROVING it.

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Just found your blog (through Funder) and was scared when I read the post title but glad when I read the post. :)

There is so much talk these days about upholding the constitution. Why is it that (many of the same people), when ranting about this verdict - sound as if they would join a lynch mob?!

Murder trials are not entertainment.

The jury did their job. Bless them.

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