Monday, July 11, 2011

Cayman Cemetary

I love cemetaries...I always have. I always find them on vacation, and am fascinated by them. There were several we ran across in Grand Cayman, right along the water. I cannot imagine a more beautiful setting for a final resting place.


Anonymous said...

It is a 'beautiful' resting place and I noticed---are the graves above ground like down in New Orleans?

My DH and I had to buy cemetary lots- - - but when I look back---those people have a 'different' sales talk and it was suggested to 'rest' near a golf course would be a nice site if golf had been your game. They try to put their grieving clients at ease---somewhat.

In either case - - - - nice!

Also nice are your pictures of above water --now look forward to more of those in and under the surface of the water.

Hope all your animal pals will be Ok today, tomorrow and the rest of the week.

Oh My take care Carol

Holly said...

It is beautiful.

Cara said...

Very nice!

I just went to Puerto Vallarta and have to say I was unimpressed. What have been your favorite spots so far?

Anonymous said...

10 days of this cemetary is enough.

Hope this HEAT hasn't fried your brain.

Take care Carol

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