Wednesday, June 15, 2011

To Hell and Back

As often as I thought I was in Hell, I was not in fact, in Hell, until yesterday.

There is a town called Hell on Grand Cayman, and Amy and I went there to see it.
It is named hell due to these weird rock formations...this is what the real hell would look like. I personally think there would be more fire, but it was hot as hell for sure

The only thing more alarming than the devil being this short and making Amy look like an Amazon is that when we went in the store...there he was FOR REAL. A little bitty sawed off man in a devil suit. I did not know the devil was Asian, but evidently he is.


Anonymous said...

funny---and now I wonder if there are any other towns on this planet---called Hell?

The rock formations look like Lava.

Under the water today======I think.

Enjoy carol

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Ha ha! I never had the time to go there but those rock formations look very cool (hot?) indeed!

catscratch said...

Well, hells bells.
I've been there in days gone by with the fam... we all complained about how hot it was and figured the real hell couldn't be much hotter.

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