Sunday, June 12, 2011

First day on Grand Cayman

I did not get into the condo until almost 6 tonight and just a little time before sunset to spend on the beach while waiting for Amy to arrive. At some points, it was overcast, but I got a couple of shots and walked a couple of miles.

This is the beach right outside of our condo.

As the sun was going down, there were still a few people out on the water.

I had to get back to wait for Amy so I got one last photo from right outside our room.
After she got here, we had a great dinner and went to Coconut Joe's for a few drinks with the rest of the world, who was watching the NBA game. People are funny no matter they are--there was a rowdy group from Dallas and a bunch of Brits--you could pick them out even without listening to them, because they were no kind of interested in the game. Amy left at 6 am her time today and I stayed up way too late at Lorna's last nite, so we are in relatively early tonight, like good girls. I suspect it is the last time we will be properly behaved all week, especially since we discovered that the Caybrew Light is a tasty and good beer. Also, we have a blender in our condo, and a big ol bottle of rum, so there you go.

Tomorrow I should have way more photos to choose from. We are going to rent a car in the morning, and go to the Sunset House to dive....then relax to get ready for the evening. We are going to try to not go balls to the wall all week like we usually do, and spend more time doing normal vacation things like laying on the beach and in the pool. We will see how successful we are with that!


Anonymous said...

Good morning----and hooray for the Dallas Mavs---yeah I know---another crazy sports fan---but - - -
last two pics of the sunset were absolutely beautiful. The brownish colors so different. It really gives a peaceful restful look.

"typical vacationeers" pick up sea shells, buy souvenier junk which will be 'loved' and oh and ah at the beauitful countryside on top and under the water.

Looking for more pics---
Enjoy carol

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Wow! Nice sunset photos. I went to Grand Cayman many, many years ago- LOVED it!! Took the submarine ride down over the abyss. It was hard to do with a hangover, too many Cayman Mamas. Also went snorkeling and saw a sea turtle swim right under me about six feet from shore.

Good memories there!!

Carrie said...

Looks beautiful. I could sit on that beach all week and not move.


A Joyful Chaos said...

Looks absolutely gorgeous and like a place I would love to visit someday!


EmmaP said...

JEALOUS!!! Glad you're having fun!

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