Sunday, June 5, 2011

Full weekend

I worked my butt off this weekend. That includes more than two hours at WalMart on a Saturday. No person should ever do that. But I was trapped because they had my car in the oil change place. Even worse my cell phone battery died while I was there. It was like the ninth circle of hell.

I ran a bunch of other errands too, like picked up pool chemicals, got my nails done, did some laundry etc. Had a nice catch up with Tracy finally--I have not seen her in forever, so that was good. Went out with Holly for a bit. Just a regular night.

Today has been completely packed. I worked on the pool, mowed the yard, washed the dogs, and managed to get some round bales. They were so heavy though that no one else could lift them, other than my tractor, so it had to go there to do it. It was a bit of a circus. But nice hay and it is home. And of course, now I have a migraine from allergies.

It does feel good to get a jump on the week though, and not be starting out behind. Not that I have that totally under control of course---I still cannot see through all the stuff on the island. I have to force myself to bed early tonight too, as I have an intern starting in the morning and plans tomorrow nite--so I cannot lay around here all morning

Have a good week!


Anonymous said...

Saturday in Wallyworld----is pure torture.--Glad you survived. . . .

Doesn't it feel 'mentally' good to get things accomplished?

Have a good week with your 'new intern'

Take care, keep cool and enjoy

Holly said...

how's the 15 minutes coming along?

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