Friday, June 3, 2011

Pulled the trigger- next big trip BOOKED

I bought my plane tickets to visit Mandy in November, in Qatar. I am so excited, I cannot stand it. I got a really good deal, managed to get only one layover each way (in Manchester going, and London coming home) instead of the three that is standard from the Midwest, and it is BOOKED!

Qatar is a small country in the Persian Gulf, attached to Saudi Arabia. Bahrain is just above it and the United Arab Emirates is across the bay. There is great shopping, sailing, camel racing, an incredible equestrian center, sand dune safari things, and amazing beaches.

This is the Grand Mosque in Doha, where Mandy lives.

When they get done showing me Qatar, we are going to Dubai!

This is in Dubai--it is the worlds largest tower, the Burj Dubai--more than twice the height as the Empire STate Building
These are the Dubai Towers. Isn't the architecture of this place incredible? Google Dubai photos and you will be amazed at how unique the architecture is here. The hotels and residences are absolutely mind-boggling.

Edward has been to Dubai a million times for work, but clearly I have done no such thing. He mostly worked so much there that he did not get to do a whole lot. Fortunately, I have a connection there that can show us around and make sure we do not miss anything.

I cannot wait!


Fantastyk Voyager said...

WOW, very, very exciting!! I'll bet you cannot wait.

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are incredible! I guess they have more money than they know what to do with--. Of course they could 'share with us' couldn't they?

November is a long way off---you really will learn patience---unless you already have it in process.

Take care in this heat---and hope this comment goes through.
Enjoy Carol

Holly said...

have fun!

Amanda said...

No I CANNOT WAIT!!! CANNOT WAIT!!! I cannot even stand it that it is a done deal. Holy schnikeys it's going to be so fun!

We're all thrilled and cannot wait to show you our new home. I think it didn't register at first and now, all day as I think about it, I keep getting flip-flops in my belly from the excitement.

Wahoo! Love you, aa

Carrie said...

OMG - this sounds fantastic. Wish you could take a friend. LOL Would love to go and see the other half of the world...or at least part of it.

Have fun. Take LOTS of pics to share with your "staying in North America" friends.


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