Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Partial reveals

I cannot wait to show you all the changes around here. These first two photos are the laundry room after Jackie threw away almost everything in it. Jodi and I did what we were told. Normally, there are blankets piled over my head in the corner where the trash can is. Now they are all put up. There are usually boxes of stuff removed from my car that never make it past the laundry room. I cannot even remember the funniest thing that we found in them--but I do know there was a full can of beer with a born on date of 2009 on it. And God knows what else, but I am sure Jackie or Jodi will remember. Also the dryer is always covered with stuff--and dog hair. No more!

This is the laundry room closet--usually, if you open the doors, things fall out. Now there are just a row of hampers on the bottom (pretty much empty because the laundry is mostly done--can you believe it?), and suitcases on the top. Empty suitcases at that--although that took a lot of doing. I tend to not unpack them when I get home from places. In one, I found a bunch of cheese sticks. And a scuba diving doo rag. And clothes with the tags still on. It really was funny

This is what Jodi and I did before Jackie got here. We emptied the linen closet at the end of the hall. My goal was to pitch all the sheets that were full size, since I have not owned a full size bed in so long. We also pitched sheets that were just worn out, or had holes in them, or just were wrong in some way (like had pictures of dalamations on them--WTF?) It took at least two LARGE trash cans to pitch most of it. And look how swell it is now? I have not yet done the top section which is where just things live. Maybe soon. Now the sheets are organized by size--king size closest to the room with king size bed in it, and queen on the right. There are at least 30 pillowcases and no one knows why. I even still had a duvet cover that was a wedding gift--good LORD, was that long past its time. Out it went. Neither Jodi or I could believe the sheer volume of bed stuff that came out of there. Now it is organized and there is even a section for throw blankets, which never really had anywhere to live

This is the newly painted and carpeted murder room. It is all happy and sunshiney in there. I need to buy proper furniture, but I do not have to do everything at once, now do I? And new blinds. Meanwhile though, it is clean and organized

I will paint that bookcase white one of these days. And come up with something to put on the walls.

This is the landscaping after Jackie and Jodi beat themselves half to death to get it cleaned up on Sunday. It looks so much better, I cannot believe it. Things just get out of hand sometimes, and it seems overwhelming to do it. Plus, I have not really had any help for so long, it really got bad. Now I pull in to the drive and am pretty dang happy to see it. It is a great feeling, and I cannot thank them enough.

These are the flowers mom and I planted tonight. I needed something there, but Jackie was sure the rocks would make it hard to keep anything going. That may explain why things have always died there--too much heat. Jodi suggested a container, but with dogs the size of cars, and a pig who takes moving items as a personal challenge, I had no idea what would work. So I am trying this. It is really heavy anyway, but we put dead concrete block parts in the bottom to weigh it down and allow for better drainage. Two bags of soil, and special miracle gro moisture control stuff, and some happy flowers, and this how it looks. The first animal that screws with it is getting an ass kicking, but I seriously doubt it can be hauled off.

In addition to planting the flowers tonight, Mom assisted in the breeding of Lassie's mom by Sly. I absolutely love that horse. The first breeding of the year is always a little nerve wracking because a 1000 pound horny man on a rope leash is just not the safest thing in the world, no matter how good a boy he is. Sly was a good boy though.

I also fixed the fence in the front pasture, and put Cash's baby back in the right place a bunch of times. Then we came here, planted the flowers, and then took the chainsaw to the mess in the backyard. I had done some damage last night with the hedge trimmer but it was going to take more than that--so tonight the chainsaw got after it. There is so much to clean up, but it needs to dry further so I can see what needs to be pulled out and what is still attached. Mom is hell on wheels with the plug in chainsaw. While she cut up stuff, I rounduped what must be the most serious stalks of poison some damn thing I have ever seen in my life--now please pray that I do not get attacked by the poison like I usually do. I also went after the weeds in the pool landscaping, and another area, but there is a slice or something in the wand part of my backpack sprayer, so I probably did not do a very good job. One more thing to replace, I guess--I am going to own Lowe's before this is over.

Finally, I got the nerve up to repaint--just touch up-- the wall in the orange bedroom that Thor scratched bald running in his sleep. It will take another coat on that wall, but already there is an amazing difference. Hopefully I can get that done tomorrow nite, and that will be one more project that has waited many years too long to get done.

As far as current on-going projects, that leaves only the bathroom to be finished and it is close. My custom cabinet doors arrived at the designers today so I will pick them up tomorrow and pay her bill--that will be a little frightening, but I know what to expect from that. The labor--God only knows what will happen. He should be here this week to finish up, replace a bunch of light fixtures all over the house, do some little things to fix the drawer tracks in some kitchen drawers, etc

Mostly, I feel like a rock star. And exhausted rock start, but still a rock star. I think a lot of this energy comes from the sun finally coming out, as well as some other personal things that are giving me some adrenaline rushes. But I will take it where I can get it!


Jackie said...

Gorgeous choice of flowers!!! I think that will work perfectly. We did get a lot done didn't we? Can't wait for round 2. And, whatever you do, DO NOT run over ANYTHING with the mower. Pick it all up BEFORE you start mowing so there aren't 50 million more pieces when you finish.
Just sayin........ :)

Jackie said...

Gorgeous!!! Flower, rooms, all clean. I love it! Can't wait to come back & do more. Then, we'll just get to sit around a bonfire & enjoy what's been done. And, my wine is still there so I will HAVE to come back. :)

Amanda said...

Yea!!! The house looks fantastic!!! So proud of you and your crew... you owe them.

There's a lot goin' on in your world, girl! Spring has sprung sister.

Now... book your trip to Qatar and we'll be all set.


Anonymous said...


Sure liked the pictures of your progress in 'spring changes both in and out'

Something about organization, fresh paint, clean places---sure gives one a great feeling of accomplishment.

Friends in need are friends indeed with your 'workers'----fantastic--

enjoy Carol

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

It looks fantastic.

There is just something about a major life change (and the help of good friends) that makes getting things done happen.

I found myself in the lull of actually living in the 'new' house and the other day I looked around and realized I have to get my butt in gear and get some of the unfinished projects finished.

Shelley said...

I love the flowers. They are so colorful and cheery. It's great to purge needless, useless and just plain worn out stuff from a home.

You and the Purging Posse did a fantastic job.

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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