Monday, May 16, 2011

Et cetera

I have no idea where that post from last week went. Blogger had some issues and some stuff just went poof. Weird

Today has been a complicated day. First order of business was me waking up way too early and going to work. On the way, I called my round bale man to arrange delivery of the last of my bales, and they are GONE. You can imagine how that went over with me. I was not even to the office yet, and I was in a bind. I worked it out though with a different supplier before I even got to work--that made me feel like I was totally on the ball.

As soon as I got there, I got an email telling me I have been appointed to the public defender association board. Okay.

I do not remember what went berserk next. I was working my little brain to the nub in there, I do know that. I went to the gym, and I was already sore from all the landscaping work this weekend, so it was a tough workout. I got some good news at the end of it that made my whole day perk up.

Things got a little better in the afternoon, although I felt like I was making no work progress. Came home, mowed the yard, and felt all virtuous about how good the landscaping works and having the whole yard mowed on a MONDAY. I went to the farm to get the trailer to move the mower over there, and I knew things looked weird. Someone had MOWED the yard at the farm for me! I did not know who, but it looked great. Most of it was done. I could not believe it.

I texted Scott and asked him if he did it--but I did not think so, because it looked different than when he did it. There were some hard parts left to do, so I fed everyone, ran the water and took the trailer home to get the mower anyway. I got back and did some of the hard parts, still wondering what in the world had happened there.

Not until I was ready to head home did I find out who had mowed my yard--it was the kid across the street. Isn't that the sweetest thing? I texted back what a great surprise it was and thanked them profusely. It was a great thing to do, and really made me feel good. Plus it looked way better than if I had done it!

There was still daylight when I got home, so I took the hedge trimmers to the landscaping around the back patio. Those bushes are out of control, and the weeds in them are so bad, they are trees now. The bushes should be three or four feet tall and they are seven or eight. Or they were. I trimmed until dark. They do not look good, and are still too big, and I probably killed the, but I do not care. They will be easier to rip out if they are dead and should probably go. Jackie will kill me though because I did not pick up the clippings. Tomorrow I will at least pile them up--and maybe burn the damn things right where they lay--it would be way easier than hauling them off. I so might really do that.

Once it got dark, I came in and started the new paint that Jodi and I chose for the bathroom. The remodel is almost done, but I decided that the color I had painted it was not good, so we picked a new one. I just did a little bit, to get ready for the new cabinet doors that should be here soon.

I cannot believe I have done that much work in one day. Im scaring myself, I swear.


patty said...

I got worn out just reading this. I saw an ad for Purina Farms today and they have a trained pig. Maybe you could do that in your spare time. I'm laughing and I hope you are!

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

I would say...

Talk about an energy spurt. Do you ever watch DIY? Those landscapers would tell you to just rip out those overgrown bushes and start with new. ;-) LOL

Anonymous said...

WOW1 no malfunctions or paigeasters ---and such accomplishments. Makes one feel so good.

That was Monday---what will be up for Tuesday? ? ?

Tune in for next day.
Enjoy Carol

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