Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What's my name?

Tonight we made a new addition to the house. That is assuming Barry lets me keep her. If he absolutely insists, I have another home for her, but I really want her to take care of Tazer. She is a teeny tiny Dane, 8.5 months old and I bet she does not weigh 40 pounds. She needs an awful lot of weight and to grow grow grow!

Also, what is the deal with her back legs? They are not quite right.

Tazer likes her, and Slater seems all right with it. The purpose of her is to give Tazer a friend so he does not chase horses any more. He has recovered from his brush with death when Sly punted him last week, but he needs to not do that anymore.

Tazer is really growing up too, finally putting on some weight. She is so teeny she could walk under his belly with no problem.

Her previous owner called her Paige, which is clearly not a possibility in this house.

Any ideas? no people names, and something unique--let's hear some suggestions!


Anonymous said...

Have not had enough coffee to think-- - -


She is so intelligent looking, a picture ham----and sweet.

Will think more as day goes on.
Like Carol

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Pixie because she's cute and little, perhaps?
I had a great Dane that was the same coloring as her. His name was Max, so, Maxine?
What IS up with those back legs? Does she move okay?

Shelley said...

Let Barry choose the name. Then you'll have to keep her.

I noticed those back legs on your fb post. Maybe just poor nutrition leading to tendon weakness. I had a shepherd with front legs that looked like those hinds. It never resolved but nutrition was not a factor. Exercise and groceries might be all she needs.

She is a beauty. I'd be tempted to call her Tiny with the hopes that she grows out of the name making it ironic.

duffylou said...

China - She looks so frail, like she'll break.

Pixie - Kind of an oxymoron to name a Great Dane

That's all I have for now.

hooves said...

Okay, I have been thinking of unusual names today when not following Carl around. Tonight I grabbed a plastic lid out of his mouth right before he swallowed it. He will be the death of me! Here goes: Zane, Zandy, Briley, Oakley,Spots Hot(just kidding of course). I know I had more earlier, but brain has quite for now. hooves

Reddunappy said...

Awe, the first thing I thought of when I seen her picture is, Fawn. She is little and seems to be kinda that color too! LOL Hope her legs can get a little better.

Kim said...

I really like Pixie. Is her coloring blackish or brownish? I first thought of cookies and cream, like in a "blizzard". If Brownship, what about Mocha? Yeah, I know, nothing that stops the earth from spinning.

Anonymous said...

what about something that rhymes with paige like sage or so shes not so confused?


hooves said...

I like Sage also, but today heard an add for Stoneys bar in Evansville. Therefore, I'm adding Stoney to the list. You could call her Arc since that is your latest thing. Telll us when she gets a name please. hooves

Anonymous said...

wow gotta love that

hooves said...

New idea: Since those little black spots look like cinders you can call her Cinder. hooves

Anonymous said...

I like Patches cause she looks all full of them

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