Monday, February 28, 2011

Im beating it

I have a nemesis. Well I have a bunch, as you have probably picked up by now. This one, in particular, is the ARC trainer at the gym.

I HATE that thing. But the Bad Boy makes me warm up on it for ten minutes before we work out, three days a week. I started comparing how many calories it burns compared to the stationary bike or the treadmill, both of which aggravate my knee a little, and came to an inevitable conclusion--I have to do the ARC trainer. There is just no comparison.

If I do it manually, I can control how hard it is. That means I might cheat, so I had to stop doing that. About ten days ago, I managed to get up to 30 minutes at a time, which is around 350 calories. I quite often work out with the same set of people around me. There is one girl who wears that thing out, and has to be a size 0. She runs too. She has worked her ass slap off, cuz that is the only thing wrong with her tiny self-- no assatall. Another guy is a football player gone to seed, who is really working hard to get the weight off. He does a whole hour on that thing, and at much higher resistance than me. It makes me crazy because no way I can do what he does--he can burn 1300 calories an hour on it he does so much resistance. That is insane.

I am a little too competitive for my own good. So this weekend, I started using some of the presets on the trainer--where you put in your weight (dear God, I have to cover it with my nook so no one sees it), then do some other options, and then it changes you up. Its good though, because it keeps me from taking it easy. I can get my heart rate up into the 150s on that, which is unheard of for me--evidently, despite thinking I might die at any minute, my heart is really strong, because getting it over 125 had previously been almost impossible. I could be sweating buckets, and dizzy from exertion and just could not get it up there.

well now I can! This weekend, I started doing a whole hour on that bitch. I have to trick myself by setting different times, then resetting it to go again, but whatever--I am doing it. Three days in a row now (and that was weekend, so this is serious business folks), I have done an hour and burned right around 750 calories!

And I may be crazy but I feel something happening to my butt--especially my hip on the left side. Something is changing, which is just what I needed.

Hallelujah. I am stuck on the weight thing, ranging between 12 and 16 pounds but things are changing. I still have 60 pounds to go, which seems like a huge amount, but now I know I can do it.

Now that I am home, I kind of wish I could go back and do it again. This is what happens though, I get carried away and over train and that backfires weight wise. I am not allowed to do more than an hour of cardio a day, and on training days, I am only allowed to do 30 minutes. I might see if he will let me do more, but I bet not.

I have such an addictive personality. Its kind of sad


Anonymous said...

It is not sad---when you are 'beating it'

Grinning Carol

duffylou said...

You are such an inspiration. Don't dwell on the number of pounds. I lost 40 pounds, but my gut is just as big as before. I just don't have the motivation to exercise. I get a great work out from riding, but I only ride twice a week. I'm in my late forties and gravity has not been kind to me. You are my hero...

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