Sunday, February 27, 2011

Snuck it by me

Somehow I missed this --but it is huge news!

My perpetual pain in my ass, the neighborhood meth maker- has pled guilty in federal court or meth-related offenses (or offense, I am not sure which, looks like it must be just one). Sentencing is not until May, but the good part is that he could be sentenced up to 20 years and to pay $250K. Since he has already been to federal prison for meth issues in the past, they will not go lightly on him. I do not expect him to get the full 20, but he will get wacked way harder than the State ever would, should they ever actually get around to doing anything about his charges. His 2008 charges are still pending in State court, quite likely waiting on these federal issues to be resolved.

In any event, he is remaining in custody until sentencing.

You do not realize how much stress a situation like this can put on you until it is over. Having a tweaker as an enemy is not a safe and secure position to be in. Looks like it is behind me now



Anonymous said...


Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Enjoyed Carol

Venom said...

I'm happy for you!

My frigging enemies keep their illegal activities so quiet they're unlikely to be arrested.

Unlesss SOMEone were to "set them up", "rat them out"...

I've heard witness protection isn't all hearts and roses though, so I guess they stay put for now. Lucky bastards.

Jodi said...

And it is a big relief for the rest of us as well that care about your crazy ass.

Amy said...

Thank goodness!! What a relief for you!

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