Sunday, March 6, 2011

The contest weigh-out

I am so disappoint in the weight loss part of this competition. I started mid-January and it ended yesterday. I had lost between 12-16 pounds for the last month, it kept moving around there. When I weighed out, I had lost 11. That pisses me slap off. But then I got measured for the first time since November. I had not really lost any weight until January, so I am pretty sure these inches came off since mid-January. I lost three inches in my chest (which I am convinced is not a good thing) and four inches in my waist. That is a very good thing. I do not remember what came of my hips--maybe two inches? I lost inches everywhere, even 1/4 inch in my neck. I will have to check how much I lost of my thighs and calves. I took the weekend off from working my ass off, or at least I took off yesterday to show a horse and go to Mardi Gras. We just got back and I have to take a nap--knowing me, I will feel bad and be at the gym before it closes, which is at 6 on Sundays and is entirely too early. The Bad Boy came up with a whole new High Intensity Interval Training session on Friday that damn near killed me, but I loved it--clearly this is my new addiction. I also got the Brazilian Blowout for my hair that I have been talking about. I LOVE IT!~ I cannot tell you how much I love it. My products are not all in yet, but will be this week. I will get new pics when I have not slept on it, so I can show you. I cannot believe this is my hair--no frizz at all, and depending on how I dry it, it can be stick straight or with some bounce in it, which is what I wanted. I do not even care how much it cost--totally worth it!


Holly said...

I am partly to blame for the weight loss not. I didn't do a thing to help when you were here for a long weekend!

Shannon said...

Hooray for the blowout! Glad you love yours too!

hooves said...

You have to remember that muscle weighs more than fat. The Bad Boy should have told you that. hooves

Anonymous said...

Everyone is concerned for your body weight, and hair and that is fine. As for me would like- - - -

Mardi Gras pics and stories please.

Have a good day

Paige said...

Oh I know hooves....but I was pretty solid even before this. Im sure I built some muscle but not a huge amount

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