Monday, March 7, 2011

Scenes from Mardi Gras

In case you think this is a regular day in St Louis--this sign explains it all.
I have absolutely no idea why Bert and Ernie and Big Bird were there. But in some news about them, I always wondered what the relationship was between Bert and Ernie. They were not brothers, were they? After watching for a while, I can categorically state that they are not gay lovers. I promise.
This might be the bravest man in town. We arrived half way through Saturday's celebration and immediately saw several people who could not stay on their feet when they were just walking and this guy was on stilts. I did not see him move much, but he did stay upright, which is more than I could say for a whole lot of folks.

This is the balcony at Clementine's, across from Barry's old apartment. As usual, they had really good music, and of course, drag queens. That is hard to beat.

This I just cannot explain at all. And even more startling to me is that this is not the first time I have ever seen a man in a pecker suit. Where in the hell does a person even buy a weiner suit?

A piece of advice though--going sober to Mardi Gras is a lot like canoeing the Current River sober. It is just not the best idea you will ever make. Take my word for it, and do not make that mistake yourself.

In other news, we are out of propane again. That is starting to seem like a bad joke.


Fantastyk Voyager said...

Wow, those are some crazy costumes!

Me too, on the propane- I checked this morning and I'm down to 5%- uh oh! $$$ needed.

Anonymous said...

The pictures are funny. It amazes me how people really get into Mardi Gra stuff. Assume you had fun of course

Where are the doggies this trip in their costumes????

Out of gas---out of Schlitz! !

Enjoyed Carol

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