Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The painting dilemma

After 13 years of living here, we finally are doing something about the murder room. It is just atrocious, but we could not get in the mood, get an idea, have the time and everything else together at the same time.

But Barry cleaned out a lot of it last week or his brother to visit, and ripped out the rest of the carpet. So we went and got paint samples and started at it. And why did it take this long to develop paint samples? Each jug does 75 square feet, so you can paint a decent amount. I wish I had invented this sample idea--it makes so much sense.

We chose a bluish green and a corresponding brown. They are gorgeous in the store. Not so much in the house. Of course not. I would go so far as to say they are hideous. The brown looks like sick baby shit. It is awful.

But I am stuck on the idea of blue and brown. The room is pretty big 15 x 16, so it can take color. And hell, anything is better than black walls with red and white splatters on it like it is right now! I guess it is back to the store for some better shades. It has to be something fairly bold, or the rest of the house will totally over power it. The hallway leading to it is a grass green, so it cannot be something light, or it will not fit here. We are a loud colored kind of house.

In the same vein, we chose new porcelain tile for the hallway bathroom as well. The laminate wood in there is so damaged, because the subfloor warped. It is only 30 square feet so it will not be a big project at all. And for once, we could agree on the tile, and did it quickly. We need a new subfloor under it first, but Barry can do that. We texted the floor guy to get a date so that is on its way. We will have to repaint in there too. I would like to put a new vanity in there, like a vessel stand with one of those cool sinks, but I do not know if that will happen--we may be getting out of hand price wise. And it is a small bathroom obviously--it is the hall bath, with a tub, a 25 inch vanity, toilet and nowhere near enough storage. But it is kind of fun to do every once in a while, and they are both over due.

In other news, I think I was struck by food poisoning yesterday. It was hell. And my neck is still out of whack, so all that puking was especially fun for me. Baby boy TR is doing great, although Diablo was in some distress today, and required a vet visit. Things must be going better now as I have not heard otherwise. The vet found nothing retained, and she is eating and pooping like crazy so she is not colicy--just sore from having a baby boy, we guess. Banamine is a good thing.

Tomorrow morning is Cinder's big surgery. She is getting spayed and perhaps her bladder opened up and cleaned of all crystals and rocks in there. If there are not any rocks, she will get her tummy tacked too. She is turning into such a good girl. Squirrelly as hell, but good--and she would not fit in here if she was any other way. Think good thoughts for her tomorrow, please--she may need them.

And in most excellent news, I ordered a new computer. I am going to have a new laptop who has its original keyboard, and does not require a plug in mouse because all of it is going to work. Hot damn!


Anonymous said...

WOW!!!! Spring fever has attacked you along with good friends. Sure you have conversed with my 'daughter' and her PAINT SAMPLE stories. yeah for you guys.

Follow along with me---no INDOOR PAINTING but outside deck has to be repainted NEVER DEAL WITH HOME DEPOT----but am getting new curtains, rods, then bathroom wall paper is COMING OFF--that room will be painted and new accessories in there---will seem like new plus a few other accesssory type stuff.

Change of life---heheheh
Good luck to Cinder---and continued good wishes for Diablo and baby.


Lori C said...

I have blue carpet and did 2 shades of brown on the walls. I have photos on Facebook. Belgian sweet (makes me think of a horse, ok) and another paint color name you can interpret as referring to poop. I was dragged into it kicking and screaming but now it looks kind of cool. The carpet may still go in a month or two, not sure yet. I do love the blue and brown combos.

Funder said...

Try a warmer brown or a chocolate brown. I'm a big fan of chocolate for big rooms. What color is the carpet/flooring?

Yay for destroying laminate! Laminate is evil and it should all be ripped out!

Glad baby boy is still improving :)

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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