Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lots going on this week

In the midst of all my anxiety about Diablo and the baby, this has been a busy week. I realize in saying that, I am just being an idiot, because I am not doing the work taking care of him. The food poisoning or whatever it was knocked me out of business for a while, and I had to break down and go to the chiropractor to have my neck dealt with. It is working, and I go back tomorrow. I got a message that I had a regular doctor's appointment today, so I went even though I did not know why. It is hard keeping up with my appointments, I feel like a very old person. Monday I have to go to St Louis to the gyno, which wastes the entire day. Meanwhile, the chiro banned me from the gym until Monday, and now that will be Tuesday because of the doctor's appointment.

This is ridiculous.

I am not the only one that has been busy. Baby Cinder went to the vet Wednesday for her surgery. She got spayed and managed to avoid bladder surgery, so she got her stomach tacked instead. Clearly, her previous owners did not get really treat her as reported because one round of antibiotics given to her by us solved her bladder problems. She has been such a good girl ever since. I let Tazer sleep with her last nite and he took care of her. She slept in bed all day today by herself. I am not sure my good luck with her can last--surely she will get her energy back soon and refuse to sleep through the night.

My new computer came. She is so pretty. It is brown. I do not know why, but it is pretty. The world has changed since I got this one--now there is a tool that lets you transfer most of your stuff from old to new computer. That is cool. Now I am downloading programs that I had on this one--harder than it sounds. Fortunately, you no longer have to keep up with the actual CDs. I have been able to find most of my serial numbers in old emails. This makes life much easier, but what I am going to do about my website program Front Page I do not know-since they do not make it any more. That will be the project for the weekend.

What else? Oh, we sold Hawkeye. Someone got a great horse.

Today, I bought plane tickets to Grand Cayman for June. I am currently in negotiations for a condo on Seven Mile Beach. AmyB is going with again, of course. This year, we decided to do something a little less adventurous and a little more normal. Last year took a toll on my ass, eating the crazy fat farm food and being so hot I could not breathe. I need a break from Third World countries, and just need a little spoiled pampering with a swim-up bar. Dive camp is excellent but so is good air conditioning and pretty boys to serve you cocktails by the pool. It is going to be that kind of vacation this year.

I think that is all I have. I seem to have all this free time now that I am not at the gm 90 minutes a day, but I feel like crap. Guess I will go to bed


Anonymous said...

Friday morning read with my coffee reads like all is doing 'great' at the Strawn household with humans and animal pals.

In reference to 'old people' and their Dr appts-----we NEVER FORGET---course for some NOT US---the adventure of the day heheheh

Glad to hear about Cinder

On to a nice weekend---cool but nice.
Enjoy Carol

Amanda said...

So excited about your Grand Cayman vacation with AmyB. We never do those kind of vacations either... or vacations at all, really. So I'm super jealous. There's something to be said for truly relaxing.

Good for you... is BS going on this one?

Lori C said...

Frontpage? Oh god, Paige.

Paige said...

Really Lori? All that and you get hung up on the part about how I am a decade out of date? I do not know why this even surprises you.

But my website guru Micbel Development has corrected by hopelessly behind butt and hooked me up properly.

Paige said...

Clearly Mandy you have never vacationed with AmyB. Relaxing it is not. It is balls to the wall adventure all the time. Sometimes she gets me up at 7 am. She has learned not to violate the nap time though. Yes BS is going

We had years when we did not vacation properly either. You will get back to it. And you do Park City every year remember--although since it is family, it does not really count. You were in Germany for a wedding just last year too weren't you>

And our next big trip will be with you--in Qatar and Dubai in November. By the way, tix are down to as soon as you get settled there, I am pulling the trigger. They do not get much lower than that. We may do the last couple of days in a layover place like Madrid or London on the way home. BS has never been to either

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