Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cinder's big adventure

I thought Cinder would like it if she got to go to Tracy's to play on Saturday nite. She was not. She did eventually find some men who would let her cuddle, and managed to live through it. I should have known she was one of them. Just look at that sweet face!

This evening, I cleaned out the deep freeze--well not really, I just took out some stuff to make room for new, and I finally gave up my freezer burned strawberries. I thought Peeg would love them-he loves fruit. Who knew that Cinder would be so happy about them? She did the same thing she does with all her food--grabs a bite, then runs and deposits it somewhere else.

See here, on the far side of the driveway, she started a pile of strawberries, and yelled at anyone who looked at it. Poor Tazer did not know whether to try to play with her or play defend the berries against Peeg. Cinder made it clear he should do something else besides look at her strawberries.

Eventually, they had a friendly tussle, and all went well, until she got knocked down just on the edge of the concrete apron, and thought she was going to die. Oh the howling that went on. It was very dramatic. Look at that horrible sad face. Doesn't that just break your heart?

And how bout her pretty pink stitches. I hesitate to say this only 6 days into it, but she has not bothered those stitiches at all--she has been so much better than Tazer was about his. Cinder is turning into such a good girl--now if she would only learn her name and stop being so scared of everyone so that you can catch her without tackling her. We have a lot of work to do, but now at least I think she is worth it.

Do you think she is getting taller?


Anonymous said...

Hm! Can't tell if she is taller---but she sure uses her 'face' to define her character of the --good, bad but not ugly.I think she will be the one that uses those eyes with---Aw Please! ! !

How are Peeg and Charlie?

Painting done yet?
Enjoy Carol

sara said...

Yes, I do think she is getting taller. She is a beautiful Dane, so glad that you've decided to keep her!

sara said...

Yes! I do think she is getting taller. She is a beautiful Dane, so glad you've decided to keep her.

Jodi said...

Not sure about taller, but she sure looks better. Such a sweet face.

hooves said...

I think she does look a bit taller, but what amazes me is the improvement in her back legs!!! I can see Nibbles guarding bananas like that, but don't know what he would do about strawberries! Aren't you glad I told Dodie that you needed a new Dane? hooves

Carrie said...

I agree with Hooves. Her back legs sure look like they are improving.

And I love her color.

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