Sunday, March 27, 2011

So this is what staying at home is like?

I do not get to just BE at home very often. There is usually so much to do, places I have to be, etc, that there are never days where I just do not HAVE to do something. Today was one of them.

I stayed up late reading a book with Slater. I slept until mom woke me up at 11 to come help me pick the paint. They came out and agreed with me on the color, but then I was tired, so instead of going to the store, I went back to bed. That was swell, but Tazer kept waking me up barking at God knows what in the yard. I set my alarm to make sure I got to the paint store before they closed, and went to Lowe's on the way to buy a couple pieces of the tile we are going to put in the bathroom, so I could pick paint for that too. I went to the grocery store on the way home, although I do not know why.

I fed my ponies, watered everyone, checked on the mamas to be, and talked to Mandy on the phone about all the things that are just jacked up in our world. It is Gabi's birthday, but I was banned from buying her anything since she has so much crap and they are moving to Qatar soon anyway. They do not need more to pack or store. She asked about whether the babies were getting "boring" yet, but we are pretty sure she meant Born. They are coming to visit in a few weeks, as soon as they get the final court date for Crews' adoption out of the way--not that it is even set yet. They better hurry up though as Ed has to be in Qatar to work on April 15, and that is an awfully pricey plane ticket to buy to come home for a hearing that will take ten minutes.

Anyway, I came home from all that, played with dogs, and started painting the bathroom. I ended up getting caught up in that stupid green Frog tape and it wore me slap out. I thought I would be up all night because of the nap, and might get something done, but it does not look good at this point.

I could kind of get into all this not being scheduled to death. It is kind of nice.

I have to go to St Louis to the doc tomorrow. Since it seems pointless to just do one thing at a time, I am going to take Tazer with me. He is feeling neglected lately, since Cinder got here, and has out grown his collar, so we are going to go to PetSmart and McDonald's for him.

When I get back, I am finally allowed to go back to the gym! Two chiro appointments down, with more this week, but I am getting way better. Better enough I want to ride Harley if possible tomorrow or Tuesday.

And maybe, just maybe, Diablo and baby boy will get to come home this week. They still are not over all their problems, but are making improvements, so that could happen.


Anonymous said...

Yeah it is! ! ! and more chances for fun stuff! ! !

But eventually there may be boring days---after the novelty wears off and you have 'done' all those "What staying at home means'

Enjoy St. Louis---

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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