Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I am an idiot

I have someone coming to quote the painting of the bathroom and bedroom. So what did I do? Tried to paint the bathroom. Good thing I am getting a new floor in there, as I have paint all over the place, including me.

Also, since when does paint cost $51 a gallon?


Anonymous said...

Geez Louise $51.00 a gal for paint?

Does it have OIL, GAL OR GOLD in it?

We have to repaint our outside deck---oh my!--hope this was a typo or a store ripping people off. what else is new these days?

Ugh! Carol

Queen-Size funny bone said...

home improvement is not cheap. Today I'm having new floors in the bathroom and kitchen so I painted myuself and have spots all over the floors to prove it.

Funder said...

It's the damn new VOC regulations. Totally ridiculous.

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