Thursday, March 17, 2011

Big night

I know I have presented myself as a mess who cannot get out of her own way. The fact is that is not always true. Mostly, I am pretty together. Yeah, people who know me in real life are laughing their asses off. But truly I have my shit together most of the time--even when it looks like I screw up everything, I have already knocked out a whole bunch of other stuff.

So tonight I went to a Meet the Candidates thing for a friend who is running or City Council. I have known him since I was probably 12, but took up with him again recently, because I was so impressed with the activism I have seen from him in the media lately. I looked him up to tell him so, and found myself completely sucked into his family. His new wife, his sisters, nephews, etc. It is a small town, so it is inevitable that when you get a new friend, you also get his family because turns out you know them too. And I am truly enjoying it. I do not even get to vote for city council because I live in the county, but I wanted to show my support.

In any event, this thing lasted til 7. While there, I got to enjoy several other people that I really like but rarely get a chance to talk to--maybe because mostly I am busy doing too many things at once.

We moved the party on after that to our regular Thursday evening BAR meeting. That is where things got good. There I learned from a young feller--33 I think, that growing up, he had the hugest crush on my forever and thought I was "fine". Does that word take you back forever or not. Even better, he made a big deal out of it in front of Barry--to whom he kept apologizing--and the date he had with him.

I know it is silly, but man did that feel good. He thinks I am still swell. And damned if he did not make me feel that way too.


hooves said...

It always makes you feel good to think that someone thought well of you and still does. I think in our daily lives, we aren't always made to feel as if we are important. Something like this certainly gives you a high! hooves

Anonymous said...

Hooves has said everything I would say and more.

When something like this happens---you feel higher than a kite. Feels sooooo good.

But when something bad happens--you feel lower than low. Sigh!!

Enjoy your rides this weekend as it will be nice-- - - Carol

Jodi said...

We all have always known that you are "fine" Miss Paige. :)

Anonymous said...

I hope you didn't miss the game tonight. They brought their "A" game for a change. Wow!

mommymae said...

donte is the only person i can think of running for council that is your age. is it him or someone else?

and the other person is my age, i wonder...

Paige said...

Yep mommymae. We are out with them now. It was his little brother the manwhore

mommymae said...

haha! the manwhore!

Rising Rainbow said...

That sounds like a fun time. We can all appreciate getting some positive attention now and then.

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