Sunday, March 20, 2011

The people in my world

are a surprisingly useful bunch of folks.

Tracy in particular is swell and never fails to shock me about what she knows, has handy, or can get done in the space of a second. Today was a prime example

Yesterday, I came home early to take a nap as I was exhausted and it was my damn birthday, so why not? I had eaten entirely too much at birthday lunch with Tranae and Vanessa, and could not stand my skin another minute. In doing that, I realized I was skipping going to the gym, something I never do. But I did it

I woke up from my nap with a stiff neck. The longer I was awake, the worse it got. I missed some planned events, like riding Harley at Tracy's, having a long committed and much dreaded shot of tequila with Les, etc. My brother in law Jeff came down to see a band, so we went to that. I met some other friends up there, etc, but I hurt so bad it was hard to enjoy the night. If I turned my head, it knocked the wind out of me.

I longed for bedtime, thinking I could sleep it off and wake up cured. Nope

Today was worse. I could not even get out of bed without help. I had blurry vision, everything--I was in trouble. I even had to cancel my planned trail ride tomorrow, which almost made me cry. We talked about getting a new chiro on Monday-- a long way away.

Finally, I gave in and went to Tracy's, because it was Les' birthday, and Cindy and Colleen were here to play. That was the plan, and I was not missing it, even if I could not move

And this is where it gets funny.

Tracy can fix anything, but how she did this, I will never know. She did not even know how bad I hurt or why. Yet, when I walked in, she had handy some rodeo folk. And a damn chiroporactor from Texas

And one of those gravity hanging tables.

Before I knew what had happened, I was upside down worrying my boobs would fall out, and my head was pulled damn near clean off my neck. You could hear the cracks like shotguns all throughout the barn. And because it was Tracy's house, some dog was licking me.

When I got up, I was sore, but not feeling like I could die at any minute. Now, 7 hours later, I feel like none of it ever happened. I feel great!

And did I mention how hot this man was? He mentioned that he keeps being asked if anyone has ever told him he looks like Mel Gibson, and until he mentioned it, I had not noticed it. After he did, it was all I could see.

In any event, we had a great night as usual. We had a great dinner courtesy of Cindy and Colleen, and laughed with the chiro and company until we cried. It was great fun.

And I can move!

Everyone should have magic friends.


Anonymous said...

It is no longer St. Patrick's day---but the LUCK continues to be in your life.

Who would have ever thought among friends a chiro dr---and for FREE he fixed you up.

Hooray and hope you have fun today.
We did at Marion yesterday---with son-dil-gd and birthday/anniversary dinner.

all is good

Amanda said...

I want a magic friend! I want a golden goose now Daddy!

Seriously... where do you get those?

You think they have them in the Middle East?

So glad you feel better... a hurt back or neck is the worst seeing as how you can't really move without your spine moving. I thought you were going to say you had meningitis though. I always worry I have that. Yea for magic friends.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Now that's the kind of friend to have. LOL

hooves said...

Paula Logan has one of those hanging things and she swears by it. They aren't that expensive, but I always wondered how to get out of it yourself. Glad you are better! hooves

Holly said...

glad you are better!

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