Sunday, February 6, 2011

Will this ever end?

Hawkeye is sick of snow. Sick of it. He is not the only one. We do not get much snow here, but this year we have gotten lots of it. We got four inches over nite Friday nite, and then it is going to start again tonight. It is 39 degrees though, so it melts fast and just leaves things a mess.

I realize this is not much compared to other people under feet of snow, but we rarely get it at all and do not handle it well.

Tracy sent me this picture last nite, and for some reason, it made me laugh at Hawk-this is his first year in a blanket, and he is such a rough and tumble boy playing in the pasture, I did not think it would last, but it looks like it is holding up fine.

And him all snuggled up in his blanket and house is such a contrast to the phone call I got yesterday while I was trying to sleep off the misery of Slater's doctors appointment. A neighbor near the farm called and said one of my girls wearing a purple dress was standing in the middle of the road. About that time, the phone cut out. I got up and was rushing to get dressed, find my shoes, etc, and he called back to say she had gotten out of the road and gone to the neighbors across the street, laid down in his snow and rolled around for a bit, and was heading home.

Well that is just weird. Maybe she needed a vacation?

It is about 2.5 miles away, which takes no time at all unless you live in the country after 4inches of wet snow have fallen, like I do. I still got there pretty quick, and I could see exactly where she had gone, rolled around, and gone home by her footprints. Foxy was standing by the gate to her pasture, which was clearly not latched properly, waiting to be put back in.

I guess the good Lord thought I needed another shot of adrenaline--that is what I get for skipping a trip to the gym yesterday, I guess.

To avoid such ridiculousness today, I am headed there now--surely there is some karmic payback I can get for doing right


Holly said...

well my goodness. You did not need THIS in your life did you? Glad the mare made it back home safely.

Anonymous said...

I second, and third your 'motion' of I AM SICK OF THIS SNOW---You bet in spades! ! ! !

I have gotten my northern style snow prettiness fix for this year so STOP STOP I say. Enough already.

Meanwhile back at the ranch--hope all the boys and girls are doing OK

Take care and wish your week is a good one.

Anonymous said...

WILL IT EVER END. You said that yesterday and it hasn't! ! !

For a change the further south---the more snow----^%#$$!#%^^%!

Pictures for your pleasure on F/B
Take care --Carol

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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