Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My score

I did manage to get one thing right lately--I managed to snag a breeding in a stallion auction that I never thought I would get. It is Hesapeptospoonful, who you can read about at http://hesapeptospoonful.com/hesapeptospoonful.html
I snagged these pics off the internet, because the only ones I have of him suck.

I bought him for Diablo, since he crosses really well on Young Gun mares, but I am going to ponder on it for a while. They are both pretty small, so I may have to make some changes. We shall see. The owners have a Million Dollar Incentive program, which sweetens the pot a little (except it will be over by the time my baby is old enough to compete). In a funny turn of events, his breeder is an internet friend of mine, and I had no idea of that until fairly recently--small world, huh?

I am excited about this because it is the biggest stud fee we have ever put into a stud, at least in one sitting. I guess there have been some that cost more when I have had to re-breed, etc, which causes costs to run up, but as far as the figure on the contract, this one is a doozy. I so hope it goes easily.

I only plan to breed three mares this year--Haida Girl has her rebreed to Kit Dual, and Gypsy has been given a sweet deal to try again on Boonsmal Cee Lena--she had a stunning baby by him two years ago, who did not make it her yearling birthday, so we are going to have a re-do. However, in eyeballing Gypsy this afternoon, I am not convinced she is still in foal with her 2011 baby by Playboy Boonsmal. If she has slipped this, it will throw a wrench in our plans and we will have to shuffle things around.

Guess I will get her checked out--this whole breeding season is kind of sneaking up on me.

In other news, a certain purple dress wearing mare escaped again today, so I guess Barry was not lying when he said he really for sure latched her gate properly. I was sure he was full of it, but I know for a fact I did it right last nite, but I got a text from Vickie this morning saying she noticed her moseying around the barn so she shut the gates on her. Vickie texted later saying when she passed by again, Foxy was having a lay down on the ground in front of the barn. Later, when I went to feed, I put her up and put a second lock on her gate latch.
I wonder what has gotten into her?


Holly said...

snow fever has gotten into her. We are all a little uppity this time of year!

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

The roan stud is very cute. Love his breeding...and his color. So are you guys ever going to have one of your foals campaigned or are you just breeding for resale?

Just wondering, cause you are raising such nice stock.

Paige said...

Been there done that---and I am sure we will get back to it. The last one I really was psyched to see show, sold right out from under me just before it was time. But that is the business--sell em!

It is more fun for me to sell them to someone else who does it....that two years of training is pretty pricey for some poor government working girl!

Anonymous said...

Horse student says"

will read, watch and wait for further episodes in life of horse breeding.

And everyone is SICK of this snow---including this 'damm yankee'.

Enough already--have had my 'pretty snow fix for the year'
the crummy looking brown,yucky ground would look good right now.

Enjoy Carol

Train Wreck said...

Gorgeous! He is a beauty! I'll bet you're so excited. What a chance in a lifetime, can't wait to see the baby.

sandraclark4 said...

Good news for your babies. This stud is stunning.
The picture of snow and the barn should be on a calendar.

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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