Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Edamamuh who?


What the hell is it?

How do you say it?

Why did I just eat it?

Help a girl out and explain these things to me. Please God. I cannot continue on without settling these matters. I get obsessed with things, and they interfere with my life. This is today's.

In other news, Simba is laying on her new bed, getting up without much drama. Slater is eating like an absolute mad man, which is something he had stopped doing for a while. It does my heart good. I am taking them on the Farewell World Tour next week, and going to a surprise destination with them. Well it is not a surprise to me, or Holly, or random other people, but it is a surprise to the dogs. Its gonna be fun


Holly said...

indeed. We are going to have Very Much Fun. Very. Much.

I have Plans for us.

You will get to see what we have done with Mojo and meet Reese and my Paige and Xeenie Beenie.

Amanda said...


They are soybeans. They are good for you. If you like them, eat them a lot. If you don't, don't.

I feel like you're growing up. Who knew that you would ever eat any such thing as edamame. I'm so proud.


Anonymous said...


Amada says soybeans.

You eat them! ! !

And isn't it your annual time of year for costumes, fun, frolicking with friends and pets----but dress warm----

Prizes for guessing right? Stand in the corner for being wrong! Naw.

Keep warm Carol

Lori said...

It's like eating straw. IMO. :)

JenB said...

Soybeans.... but just eat the insides... the hulls are not good... I learned that the hard way.

Jodi said...

I cannot hang around you if you are starting to eat shit like this on a regular basis.

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