Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The unveiling

Ignore the bumpy bumps on my foot--it was from my socks. Holly took the pics and her macro lens is entirely too good, so you can see all that foolishness.

What do you think? I may have the cow re-done in black because he does not look finished to me. I am going to wait and see though


Amanda said...

LOVE IT!!! So cool... don't you feel brave?


Paige said...

now that it is over.

And it only took me what? 20 years longer than you? While you were being the good one, I have had a midlife crisis

Anonymous said...

Now--do you feel better? ? ?


BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Now that's a cool tat!

Kim said...

Cool Tat. I hate to ask, what is it? You and Mandy are better than I, still don't have one.

Amy said...

Wow - nice! You ARE very brave!! It took me til 33 to get my ears pierced, so I'm sure if we extrapolate that out - I'd need to be dead for years before I'd get a tattoo! ;)

Funder said...

I love that! That's my kind of tattoo - lots of negative space and strong lines and horses!!

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