Thursday, February 24, 2011

My frozen weekend

While Holly hauled me around to see various forms of frozen things, this is what Slater did. Full time for about four days. And then he did this in the car on the way home, never even knowing that we were driving through a blizzard, then sleet then a thunderstorm. He is singularly dedicated to his resting. I admire him.

Holly took me to New York to see the Ice Castle Festival.....but the ice castle melted before we got there. Of course, it was cold again by the time we got there, unGodly cold and windy. It was still cool. I have never been on a frozen lake. This was at Lake Chautauqua in Mayville, NY.

These are some ice fisherman dudes taking their stuff out to the deeper part of the lake. These people must have a special kind of mental illness.

This was pretty cool though--a sailboat for on ice. That thing was FAST! I could maybe be convinced to do that sometime, if someone else dressed me properly for the adventure.
These are some of the remaining blocks.

As if the snow covering the beach was not enough to keep you off of it, the fine people of Mayville have posted this sign for you.

The next day we went to Presque Isle, near Erie PA, which is a nature preserve kind of place. Pretty neat, although there were also crazy people there.
This lighthouse pic was taken from the top of a frozen sand dune. When we got out of the car, it was very comfy and about 35 degrees. After walking a couple hundred yards, and up on the dunes, I almost froze to death. It was seriously cold.

This is a frozen sand dune in Lake Erie
So is this. Pretty cool huh? It was like climbing on boulders in the ocean, but they are not rocks at all. So strange
On the way out, we saw the FrostBite Open, which was a charity golf tournament. On the ice!

The only person I can think of crazy enough to do that is my mother.


Lori E said...

Crazy, oh yes I agree. My guys are in sub zero temperatures voluntarily hanging around outside on snowmobiles or hanging around a giant bonfire.
Me? I'll go curl up with the dog.

Holly said...

Ooooo, Lori! Good idea! Next time I will round up some snowmobiles and some crazy dudes who like to go fast. That'll be fun!

Anonymous said...

Your Mom and your friend's Mom would be crazy enough to venture out in the frozen tundra.

It is fun!!! just different.

Sure liked the pics-----frozen sand is unique.

Take care and hope Tazor is getting better.

Venom said...

Sheesh Paige - that's a regular weekend here in (slightly to the left of) middle Canada.

Venom said...

Sheesh Paige - that's a regular weekend here in (slightly to the left of) middle Canada.

Anonymous said...

Ive been reading your blog for a long time. You were up in my neck of the woods I used to live in Mayville and worked at the Kwik Fill by the lake. You must have missed the warm spell the temps reached 50 and it rained which is bad news for the ice castle. I hope you enjoyed your visit here did you get to see the chautauqua gorge?

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