Sunday, February 13, 2011

New man in the lineup

photo courtesy of the EE Ranches website

I bought a breeding from a benefit auction this weekend--for the Jason Forby family, who lost their entire cutting operation to a fire on January 31. We have used Jason for a few horses, and he always does a good job. I cannot imagine the devastation they are dealing with right now. A benefit was held at an event in Tennessee this weekend, and I am not one to miss getting in on a benefit auction. So this is what I got!

I have always liked Nitas Wood, and he has been on my radar for a couple of years. When he was donated to this benefit, I got really excited--I like when people donate to things like this, and I like to support them. And of course, I cannot stand to miss a deal.

A link to his kajillion good attributes is here. He is by Zack T Wood, by Doc Tari and out of Nitas Quixote, by Doc Quixote. I love that old standby blood that has been solidly producing for a long time. It feels secure to me. He has produced several earners of over $200,000 each, and a couple of recent ones well over $300,000. Good enough for me!

I am considering my Miss N Cash daughter, Hickorys Cashin In for him. I am not married to that idea yet, but shes my leader in my head right now. She is not due with her Peppy Plays for Cash baby until March 31, so I have time to decide on her. My Smart Aristocrat daughter, Aristagal, is another possibility. I have some decisions to make!


Holly said...

I could not do what you do. I have NO idea about what works with what. Really. You amaze me!

Anonymous said...

What a nice thing you have done to help your acquaintances via a benefit.

Whoever is married to this wonderful guy---will be a reward for you in many ways.

Decisions left to you---of course!
Horse Student Carol

Venom said...

He's a looker, for sure.

I am SO looking forward to your foals - can't wait for the photos.

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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