Saturday, February 12, 2011

Great day in the sun

After yesterday's veterinary disappointments (and a really long night with Simba being pretty wobbly), it was great to have a good sunny day to get out and ride. I got my workout in, then went to Tracy's to the perpetual lunacy that goes on there. Every day there is like a day int he loony bin, but that is exactly what I need lately. There was a revolving door of people, and lots of things going on, so Shelley and I escaped and played horsey.

Hawk has been hanging out down there waiting for a buyer to come through--everyone has been trapped inside by the bad weather just like I have. Hawk is always the same though, so it is relaxing to be able to tool around on him, and just enjoy myself. How bout that workout gear and running shoes? Yes, I know better, I just do not always care. I like being comfortable

We were not out long, but still had a good time. Sometimes just being out in the sun is the best thing for me.

After our ride, Les cooked us dinner. It was a full service day!

I went home to feed and water at the farm, and guess what? We have no water anywhere on the property. The neighbors all have water, it is just us. It cant be frozen because it was 50 degrees. The meter was not moving, so there cant be an explosion on our side. It is very strange, and just a reminder that even when I get a day off, there will always be a problem lurking somewhere. The water people will come in the morning and see what might be happening, but they did not sound very encouraging.

Pray it is not something serious


Funder said...

I gave up on riding boots entirely and do all my miles in sneakers and hiking boots. Heels down, you'll be fine!

Good luck with the water. Eeek.

Holly said...

it better not be, I am looking forward to your arrival! No water might mess that up!

Anonymous said...

Water Water everywhere and not a drop at my house! ! ! !

My revision of the song or phrase but hope water comes soon with --hm--maybe some 'mud' clogging something-----

Enjoy today too

sandraclark4 said...

You both look great. Your weight loss is really beginning to show. I'm so proud of you.

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