Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The love affair

Since Barry has been home (which he is not anymore, he got sent to Nashville, TN today), he has taken up with Tazer. This is the scene I found last nite when I wondered why it was so quiet in this house. Barry swears he does not like him, but tell me he does not....look at this foolishness. And Tazer loves him back very much--he is forever crawling up in his lap while Barry is in his recliner. That makes a ridiculous scene, let me tell you. He follows him around, and they have been playing in the yard, and playing chase around the island--it sounds like a herd of buffalos in here when they are playing.

I can tell Barry loves him because he laughs at everything he does. And he does the same thing my family does--when Tazer has done something wrong, Barry will say "YOUR dog...." instead of calling him by name. He is making sure I know who is responsible for all of this. Does not look like my dog now, does he?

This morning, Tazer was barking like a damn fool while I was sleeping. Later, Barry told me he had gone in the pasture and was playing with Twister and Fonzie--the horses would chase him for a while, then they would switch places and Taze would chase them. When he wanted out of the pasture, he got shocked and was afraid to come out. I hope he has learned his lesson. He has no business in the pasture, but try telling him that--he is forever looking for some new friends. He has some new pit bull friends that moved in next door, who are bad influences on him, as they lure him too far down the driveway too close to the road for my taste. I think he needs a puppy.

Now that Barry is gone, this is what Tazer looks like. He is just staring at me like he thinks I am a poor excuse for a parent. That is a fine how do you do--he thought I was the best thing ever until he took up with Barry. Look how white he has gotten over the past few months since he got here.

I think he is depressed--guess I will go see if I can cheer him up


Sarah315 said...

Look at those toes! I think I can smell Fritos. He's a handsome boy!

Holly said...

I have just the dog for you! A client and her husband need to place their 1 year old DaneX girl due to marital trouble. Her name is Sallie Mae and she is a smart young dog. And looong legs. Just the way you like 'em. I'll find a way to get her to you if you'll take her!

Anonymous said...

Doggies---how they love us and how we love them-------

with human reactions of jealousy, loyalty, love, and everything else you can think of- - - - -coming from them to us.!

Nashville is not too far-----3 hours east of us---hope Barry likes it and stays around-----cause kind of close by- - - -

watch out today for the snow---you have NOW and it is headed our way.
enjoy carol

duffylou said...

I do believe his paws are bigger than my hand.

He is giving you the, "Put the camera down and do something entertaining", look.

Seems like Holly has a great solution to your problem.

Jodi said...

Yeah right, he loves that dog! Why does he try to fight it.

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