Thursday, January 20, 2011

More proof that things are changing up in here

Major indicator that the apocalypse is near---I parked my car IN THE GARAGE. Two days in a row.

This probably does not seem like a big deal to most people, but around here it is serious business.

We have a three car garage that does not take cars. Usually there is way too much stuff in there. I cleaned it up before Xmas, but Peeg got all wound up and got new stuff to put in there, so it was a disaster again. While BS was home, he did it again, and this time, he was not kind to peeg and he took away every single thing on the floor. Everything. Needless to say, peeg was pissed. I heard him grumbling about it for days.

There are other complications to the garage thing. We have not used it to park cars for so long, that no one knows where a garage door opener might be. All of the cars that could go in the garage have those built in door opener thingies, but you have to have the actual opener to train it in the first place. We do not have those so much. But the first door is usually open anyway, so peeg and Taze can get in the garage should they need to, so yesterday I just drove right in there.

I was feeling so smart, because we were supposed to get the Snow-pocalypse, and I drove right up in there.

Where I was promptly stuck. I could not get the door open very far because the garbage cans and a deep freeze are along the wall next to the car. It had been so long since I had parked in there, I did not know that would happen. I finally wiggled out of there, tripped over Tazer on the steps, got in and got my shoes off and congratulated myself for being so smart. Then I realized I left my purse with my phone and Nook and medicine in the car.

So while things are changing around here, I guess some things never will


Rob said...

There are children in Africa who don't even have garages.

Okay so that's not very applicable, more on topic if you had refused to eat your brussel sprouts in the garage, or something.

Thank you for the big smile. I am such a voyeur. And love to live vicariously through you.

Amy said...

Wow! I'm impressed with that ;) Poor Peeg though - no stuff to root around in :( sad for the peegy...

Venom said...

Paige!! *reading a couple of days worth today*
You should totally get Moe to come home with you and be Tazer's little buddy!! OMG - if you can't talk her out of Moe, one of the other puppies then! What an awesome odd couple a dane and that little dude would make, don't you think? I never noticed how much white Taze has on his muzzle in earlier pics.
And Barry? Full of crap. Tazer is Barry's new favourite, it's plain to see.

Peeg - I live vicariously through the adventures you have with him; I always wanted one, but DOH throws himself if I mention it. The pic of Peeg inside his mattress slayed me - no more mattress for Peeg?

Snow-nami is a regular occurrence up here; I wouldn't know what to do without a warm shop to park in. It has been around -35 celcius (-30 farenheit) when I get up for chores in the morning, yet the vehicles never get below about -5 so you can start up and go fairly easily. The quad I use for feeding stays in there too so that it will start; I've taken to filling the feeders in the evenings and last night, though it was only -26c when I came in my cheeks were BURNING.
I'm so ready for spring...

Rising Rainbow said...

The apocalypse, huh? You're funny. Of course, I might think it was coming if anything major got done around here. LOL

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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