Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How come?

First order of business- some puppy pics I have been promising. This is the first litter I have known, born on December 5. Since then, there has been a litter of two girls, and a C-section is scheduled for next Monday. Then we get a break, with no potential babies for at least 2 months.

How come I fell in love with these teeny short, bow-legged, bat looking puppies? This is Moe, who I love like nobody's business. I do not know why, he does nothing. He is so laid -back, I call him Captain Quaalude in my head. He was perfectly content sitting in my purse. A whole shitty day can be fixed just by holding him and kissing his little mashed up face.

How come none of the pups got Daddy Bentley's spots? They have light colored spots, but none in this litter have the brown ones.
Could there be anything cuter than a mama and her baby? This is baby Curly. He is already sold. He is very funny.

What ever happened to Raspberry Fig Newtons? I could kill a bitch for some of those right now.

What is it about prison that makes some people get really sexy? I realize that is an absurd question that is probably offensive, but I was thinking about it while I was at the gym tonight--there is a guy holding court in there (lets call him Goldie), with all his little followers, and he has clearly done a lot of work on his physique. I cannot understand a thing he says, but he is evidently very funny as all his little buddies hoot and holler, but every time he gets on some machine in front of me, I lose track of time. I could do without all the obviously home made tattoos, but the body under them is pretty entertaining. The combo of the two things makes me sure he is straight out of prison. Then I feel like a pig for being glad prison is worth something after all.

How come I cannot figure out how to do the Places thing for Facebook on my phone? I am a smart girl, why come I cannot figure it out? Or how to set my new training watch? I cannot set the time, let alone the heart rate part.

Why cant I stop thinking about raspberries?

How come Barry's work cannot make a decision--for two days now, he has been on standby to drive off to North Carolina. This after a meeting last week that made us think he was going back to St Louis, which we were thrilled about. He is still here, waiting for the call to tell him to drive to NC or Tampa. Not that I want him to go of course, but it is anxiety causing to know nothing about where you will be tomorrow.

How come Barry cannot learn that if you put something down where he can get it, Tazer will take it. Barry told me he spent hours today looking for one of his drill kits that he was trying to pack in his truck so he can leave when his work calls. He ultimately found it in the yard, where Tazer had taken it, and done his patented Tazer dance with it--there were parts and batteries and bits all over the yard. And you can hardly punish Tazer because he is so happy to have something to play with--he does not tear stuff up, just takes it and throws it around. It is very funny to watch. Last week, Barry sent me a text message with a pic of Tazer laying in the front yard on a saddle pad he had dragged out of the garage, played with until he was tired, then laid down on it in the middle of the yard. He is a strange one?

How come, when I sold three horses in December, I cried like a baby. Yesterday, I sold one of my favorite horses of all time, and I am so excited for him and his new owners that I never once got upset. I was just excited. I know he is going to be perfect for them--he is going to work a feedlot, play with bucking bulls and rope a little. It is a new direction for a Slybaby to get into roping, but he will be great at it and it gives us a whole new market to look into, providing he does well. I know he will

How come a perfectly normal person like me (well mostly normal) can be so impressed by someone she does not really know? I think I have a girl crush. Its no kind of sexual thing, I am just amazed by this woman I know. I wish I could be her, that is all there is to that. How come that? Makes me feel like I am in second grade, wanting to be her friend, but knowing it would be too hard to keep up and I would end up feeling bad. That is just strange

How come bad things happen to good people? My Aunt Jana just got diagnosed with lung cancer. That is some bullshit. It seems like we cannot go a month without someone in our little world being diagnosed with cancer.

How come my squirrel bait niece Gabi says such completely absurd things? Recently, she was very upset because Crews, her 17 month old brother, was "disturbing her work". She is not even 4 for Pete's sake. Today, she wanted to play the game "Hymen Says". Thank God I am not in charge of correcting her, as I could not possibly have kept a straight face telling her it is Simon Says not Hymen Says. It is probably good she lives far away as I would never get anything done, from all the time I would waste listening to the outrageous things she says.

How come I have not completely wigged out having not had a Diet Coke since Friday? What I miss mostly is the bubbles.

How come I have all of a sudden gotten the commitment to the gym? Seven days in a row and no skipping yet! Some days I do not do a huge amount, like today, I just walked a half hour. Saturday though, I walked and did 600 crunches. That is pretty good. And of course, the Bad Boy has been working me out so hard that all of last week, I could not get out of the chair without moaning and groaning. I am usually there 45 minutes to 20 hours, working the whole time. How come I do not weigh 1oo pounds? Then again, I have lost 6 in a week or so. That is good.

How come we do not have any damn raspberries? Really, are raspberries that hard to come by?

What weird things do you wonder about?


Queen-Size funny bone said...

I just want to squeeze him and give him kisses

Amy said...

I love these french bulldogs. I think I would love one of those.

Reddunappy said...

Frenchies are such cute puppies!!! LOL I held one once LOL untill his owner said he was $1500. and I handed him back LOL LOL LOL

Anonymous said...

How come I enjoy your blogs with or without Paigasters?

How come I want more pictures of your animals, events and in general-- fun things?

How come you want raspberries?

How come --how come---glad to read something cute, fun, informative this morning.

There are raspberries in Walmart for about $5.00 a pint from Chile. How come you did not know this ? ? ? ?

How come I enjoy ---Carol--hehehe

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

How come I feel so dumb for not wondering about the same kinds of profound things you wonder about? ;-)

Amanda said...

This post is a perfect example of why I think all the people running around with stacks of important papers keeping running into each other. Then the French Bulldog person picks up the Raspberries papers who picks up the Tazer Steals Stuff list and so on. It all gets so confused, does not relate and makes me soooo tired. No wonder you have to be medicated.

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