Thursday, November 11, 2010

More odd animal behavior documented

I still feel like the ass end of rabid bat, so I cannot think up much to talk about. And no, I do not even know what that means. So I bring you an update in the annals of Peeg n Cat love. This is the scene that greeted me when I left the house to go to work this morning. Yes, I went to work in my condition. On a holiday. Go me. I actually got a lot done in between wishing I was dead. In any event, aren't these sweet children, my peeg and my cat?

And if you ever come to my house, you will have no reason to question why my landscaping looks like a bomb went off. Because it kind of did. Pigs root, it is what they do. He has calmed down on destroying the yard, which makes Barry happy, and now seems to focus on the landscaping. That is weed burial material wadded up in front of piggle. He digs it up to get a good laying spot either to get warm or cool. I wonder if it is better if he tears up the landscaping or goes back to pooping in the garage? I am not sure which is worse. Poop is gross, but no one sees it, so that makes for a dilemma.

In other news, we have become the proud new owners of Bugsy and Mugsy. I think I found them on Monday nite. Found is not the right word. Damn-near-ran-over-them-in-the-driveway is closer to accurate. I guess someone dumped them at the farm. The first nite, I saw one of these and one a little bigger with really dark stripes. One was a girl and one was a boy. They are late teenagers at least, the dark one may be older. The next day, Vickie texted me while watering that we had two new boys cats and she had named them Bugsy and Mugsy. This led to a strange texting thread about cat balls because I was sure one of them had no balls, and it concerned me that both of us were so sure about the sex of these kitties. It just is not the sort of thing people need to battle about. Esp via text.

The mystery was solved the next time I was there. There are two matching gray kitties PLUS the other one. The stripey one is not as consistent, but these two sweeties are there all the time. They are not normal feral farm cats at all, as they want to be with you, and let Vickie pick them up. They are very playful and kind of a menace when I am using the lunge whip---I may end up accidentally chucking one across the yard some day, because they leap on the rope end of the whip as I am using it. Now it is Thursday, and they are still there. Not mashed, not run away, nothing. And I may have seen a flash of black when I was there after dark tonight, which moved way faster than a skunk can, so maybe there is more. Either that, or I am having visual hallucinations to go along with the olfactory hallucinations that make me think there is a skunk in my purse. Or my car. Or my bed. All of which could really be happening, but I have seen no evidence of it, so I think I am hallucinating.

On a last note, I did a weird thing today in that I spent time before work, during my lunch hour, and after work giving away horse shit. Someone wanted to take it all, but I guess they did not believe me when I said there had to be at least 50 tons of it. They took about 15 tons. And there is still 50 tons, in the dude's estimate. I am not good at guessing that sort of thing.

Anyone need some shit?


Holly said...

acutally I do, but it's a bit far for me to come get it. Wanna bring it to me?

Anonymous said...

Don't need or want any 'shit' so there!

But the odd animal behavior is so cute and enjoyable to see and read about!

Keep them coming

and I hope you get to feel better.
enjoy carol

Venom said...

Well, I'd have to say I've got enough shit of my own to spread, but thanks for the offer.

I love that pic of Peeg & cat in the autumn glow.

One thing about these cats abandoned at your place - didn't you just give away a bunch of kitties that lived in your ceiling? I totally hate people who dump their animals in the country, there is a special ring in hell reserved just for them.

Lori said...

I love giving away horse shit. They are always so thankful... and you're like... well, it's horseshit.

Heather said...

I could use some, too, but it is a wee bit too far to drive, so I'm gonna have to go with one of the farms here in my state. :-D

My parents had regular "customers" who took sheep/goat manure from our pile every year. One guy would just come with his big, red dump truck, pull straight out into the back field where the pile resided, load up and go without checking in at the house or barn or anything first. Then, all summer long, these bags or baskets of delicious, fresh produce would turn up on our stoop in the early mornings - he was "paying" us back in asparagus, peaches, plums, cherries etc. Mmmmmmmm!

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