Friday, November 12, 2010

I pretty much rock

Today, after work, young Miss Harley had her fifth and most amazing ride thus far. Not only does she happily load her butt in the trailer like grown folk, she learned today that walking in straight lines is cool.

To be fair, no one has really asked her to walk in straight lines until today. Up til now, the goal has been just to make her move her feet, which mostly results in lots of circles. She can wad herself up to the side, and switch her butt and head in such a small area, its impressive. She will be a spinning fool some day. I have been riding her in a rope halter, with one lead---when I want to change directions, I pitch it over her head and go the other way. Thank God she is a saint, because for every time I make a successful throw over her head, I catch it on an ear, over her nose, etc, at least four times. She could care less and quickly figured out that if I am throwing something, she will be changing directions.

So today, I got all crazy, and tied the lead around so that it was like a roping rein and she took to it like a duck to water. She was a trip and a half--so relaxed and happy to go wherever I pointed her. Not an ounce of cranky in her, she is brave and easy-going---she is just an absolute joy. We even put some obstacles in her way and played with them-we went over poles, around barrels and big bouncy balls--whatever could be put somewhere, we did. Nothing phases her and she so wants to do what you are asking--and for once, it is so clear to me that if she did not do it, it was because I was not being clear in my request.

She was so quiet and laid back, my mom even rode her and got along great with her. I could not stand it though, so I got back on after mom rode a while and played a little more.

Hammer got some work done too, which is swell, but I expect him to be good. He will be attending Les' trailer loading schoolsoon whether he likes it or not, because I LOVE pointing Harley at the trailer and telling her to get in, and she does everything necessary short of tying her lead rope in the trailer. Hammer knows full well what to do but is inconsistent about it, and who needs that? not me.

If I do nothing else this weekend, I will be happy with this accomplishment.


Holly said...

well isn't that just wonderful? I am happy for you, is she the newest best thing since Radar?

Anonymous said...

Happy Days are here again! Tra la tra la

Great weekend start.

enjoy Carol

duffylou said...

Don't you love it when everything goes your way?

Venom said...

I love that you put your mom up, and I love that she was so game.

Unless you tell me that your mom's been an accomplished rider forever, then I might not be so impressed.

I used my mom as a guinea peeg - she got on one of my spicy but talented morgans last fall.

Turns out she remembers everything from her childhood - she's even skilled enough to smake while she's riding. Watching the smoke curl up from the butt clenched expertly in her mouth so that she has to squint, I loved her a whole lot for being willing to get up.

Paige said...

nope, she had horses when she was young, but she is 67 now, and does not ride often enough to be confident. She got pitched off when she was 60 and broke her back and she has been gunshy about it ever since. probably ridden 5 times since then. She WANTED to do it.

Crazy ol bat

Holly said...

so you come by the crazy honestly?

Paige said...

In many ways, yes

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