Monday, November 15, 2010

I know you were wondering

so I am here to tell you--I DID buy gas today. On Monday. Not a minute before even though I drove 16 more miles in the car yesterday.

Buying gas was practically all I did today. I am so sick I can hardly move, because when I move, I cough. On the other hand, when I lay down, I also cough. The ideal position is sitting up in bed at a peculiar angle and not breathing very deep.

I started antibiotics today, and drank half a bottle of Nyquil, and slept off and on. Eventually, I had to go feed and water, so I bought gas.

That is the whole show. Nothing else happened. Not at all.

Maybe tomorrow. I am starting to forget what the world looks like. On the other hand, I am now addicted to Pregnant at 16 and Teen Mom.


Anonymous said...

So much for PFT. Now it is PFB--Paige full bottle. Nyquil, that is.


Paige said...

ha--that does suit me. But I do not understand people in the world who get knocked out by Nyquil. It does not knock me out at all. Maybe my alcohol tolerance is to high

I knew that would backfire some day

hooves said...

I think the fule gods are messing with you. You are probably sick because you are tempting them. Have you considered the doctor yet? hooves

Paige said...

oh you people and the love of the doctor! I actually have an appointment on Thursday, should I live that long. I started antibiotics for the sinus infection today, so maybe that will help clear up my lungs too.

Holly said...

you do know what bronchitis feels and sounds like, right? Sitting up and slightly forward will force the air out of your lungs when you have bronchitis....making it easier to breathe.

and just HOLDING the bottle of Nyquil will knock me out for about 15 hours.

Anonymous said...

Voice of Experience! ! ! Be careful when coughing or sneezing and DOING BOTH AT SAME TIME.

My back screamed and still is screaming as muscle strain beyond belief READ AS PAIN Dr last week----Nsaid and Pain Killers WHICH DON'T DO DIDLY----so my tolerance is high too---

so BE CAREFUL it is not a good feeling.
Not enjoying Carol

Anonymous said...

oh yeah-------Gas On Monday is always a good thing for a good day.

Better than running out! ! !


Amy said...

So, I'm glad I'm not the only one addicted to 16 & Pregnant. I also love me some Gossip Girl - do you watch that one?

Hope you feel better soon!

Amanda said...

Um... sorry about your near death illness, but I must comment on 16 and preg and Teen Mom. My love for them is deep and real. Love that Catelynn and Tyler seem to be way smarter than either of their parents. How does that work? And Maci has her biz together. Some of those poor couples on 16 just do not have a clue. I feel for them, but also want to shake them. I love how they all think they'll just pop one out and then go back to their lives like they had the flu. Oh to be young again... no thank you.

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