Thursday, November 18, 2010


Like everyone was waiting on the edges of their seats for this news, but I finally saw the doctor, just so he could tell me I have my annual asthmatic bronchitis, sinus infection, possible strep throat and pneumonia.

Well that was such a mystery. This happens every year, but it is ahead of schedule this year. I also got my annual lecture about not staying on the Zyrtec every day like I am supposed to, so it is my own damn fault. Apparently, my lungs are shot after having undiagnosed allergies all these years, so as soon as one thing gets aggravated like by sleeping with the window open one freaking night, this happens.

All this talk about allergies gave me a brilliant idea--when I started coughing when I was outside feeding and watering, I took a hit off my inhaler. I use it so rarely that this thing is probably a year old. I need a new one But by God, it made a difference! That albuterol makes me want to puke from the taste of it, but it did help calm down the coughing. Who knew? Guess I need another stinking prescription, which is ridiculous in light of the following:

I took NINE prescriptions to Walgreens--some of my regular stuff like two thyroid meds (a total of five pills a day), a keep me from killing people med, my neuropathy med (three pills at a time), special cough medicine that is the shit, steroids to calm it all down, the Levaquin which might make my tendons rupture but clears up the bronchitis and sinus infections, Zyrtec that my insurance will not really fill, etc....and what do you think would happen? The stupid prescription company my insurance put the skids. I probably set off some alarm about how one person who is not 92 should not have to take that much medicine. And if they only knew how anti-medicaion I am, it would be even more ridiculous.

Walgreens told me to come back later, and sent me away with the scrips the insurance company was raising hell about. Fine. I go back to work for a few hours, then went back when I got a coughing fit. The good cough medicine works wonders on me. I hoard that stuff like crazy, it is so good. They ring me up and at the last minute tell me they are OUT of the cough medicine.



Holly said...

Oh shit. Just your luck to not have the good cough meds.

You know, if you catch this a little might be doing better by now.

Old Mother Hen.

Anonymous said...

Old Mother Hen--alias--Holly has a point.

Isn't there a saying that is
"An ounce of prevention is -------"

forgot the rest---
but of course get well.

Venom said...

The anti-killing people one, I think I take that. Sporadically. I do not know why, because it is stupid, but I hate taking my medicine to the point that, if I have not laid it out ahead of time so it is RIGHT IN MY FACE, I will more than sometimes skip it. One med warns against the dangers of sudden stopping, the other is for my heart. You'd THINK I'd be better about this.

Funder said...

You poor thing. Good cough syrup is the SHIT. I'd be mad too!

Zyrtec is OTC, I get mine at Costco. Do you have special prescription Zyrtec or something? I just added singulair to the allergy mix, I know that's rx only and not even generic yet.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

That's too bad that you're so sick!~ the last several years I usually have a bout of bronchitis annually. I even had a time where I had a cold for weeks on end that finally cleared up and then one morning I woke up with bronchitis. Allergies are the pits!!

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