Saturday, November 6, 2010

Harley takes a ride

Harley let me ride her today. This was the second time anyone has ever sat on her. First time was last week, with Barry. I know I am asking for trouble when I saw this, but I am totally amazed by her. She takes everything in stride. No, she is not pinning her ears at me, she is listening to me. She seems as happy as I am to play games with me. She has not gotten pissy, or excitable, about anything.

Even more impressive than her behavior is me and my nerviness. I am a pretty timid rider, so that I got the nerve to do my part is shocking to me. Tracy has been helping talk us through it, and that has been fun. It gives me a goal to work toward--not only teaching her things, but more importantly, giving me a place to push through my own fears.

I feel like a super star right now.

On that note, I quit you all so I can watch Zenyatta run in the Breeders Cup. I sure hope she protects her record and does not disappoint.


duffylou said...

I hope Zenyatta does it without getting hurt.

And go you with your bad self and yay Harley!

Gail said...

You are an inspiration to me, I have horses and seldom ride.
Way to go!

Anonymous said...

Paige---you gotta get 'IN THE MOOD'' to ride and ride and ride.

Try it and you will love it.

but you do ride so what- - - -

enjoy Carol

the cubicle's backporch said...

1.) I don't care if Zenyatta did lose. She would've had Blame in one more stride so she's still fabulous in my eyes!!

2.) What do babies of good race horses like her go for? Is it different than if she was a male?

3.) Awesome job riding Harley!

EmmaP said...

i love the moments like these that make us feel empowered!

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