Monday, November 8, 2010

Harley in the carwash

Ignore this first video--its jacked up but I cannot get the thing off of here.

Tracy sent me videos of my big day riding Harley. Since they are of me, most of them are filled with me randomly cussing like I have Tourette's. This one mostly is just me cackling at how very odd this horse is.

The tarp hanging from the ceiling is a desensitization tool-- I call it the carwash. Most horses are terrified of such things, but Harley liked it from the first minute she saw it. Look how content and comfortable she seems to be

We are not really in the steering stage of riding yet---we are just trying to make her move her feet. That means that she chose where we went most of the time today--and for some reason, she chose the carwash. I guess that means that she will not likely have an issue on a trail ride--not that I ever have an issue on a trail ride, but clearly she is not bothered by the noise of the tarp or having her body brushed by the tarp strips. Unless you consider her taking a huge crap at the end of this to be a sign of concern

I cannot tell you how much fun this is for me. I really want to do this a couple of times a week. Every time we do something, she improves by leaps and bounds. I want to consistently work on her, but keep it fun. Since it will now be dark when I get home from work, I bought some lights for my round pen at the farm--that will make it possible to hop on for just a few minutes at least a few times a week. Tracy invited me to come ride at her house when ever I want, so that will be an option as well. This could be the perfect winter project for me


Nancy said...

Hey Paige, video is unavailable. I so wanted to see this one!

Paige said...

I know, youtube is slowly processing. I am working on it

Holly said...

looks like you BOTH had a good time! Good for you and good for Harley, wadda good girl she is!

Anonymous said...

Fun--Fun---and more fun. Loved the car wash description. Excellent way to explain to the Horse Student what the purpose of these strips represent.

And look how much fun this winter will be! ! !

Enjoy Carol

duffylou said...

You're laughing while breaking a horse. How cool is that?

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