Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The apocolypse

is happening in my house right now.

Don't ever put horse blankets in your house dryer. Louder than hell.

Also I am cooking. Pies even.


Anonymous said...

Wow!! ! ! what a combination of activities. Horse blankets and cooking---even pies-----

Gobble Gobble---have a great day--watch the weather---it's going to be strange

Heading to Marion---for turkey etc. But bringing the stuffing---

enjoy Carol

Holly said...

Pies? You? Cooking?

New program at Le Chez Strawn?

sandraclark4 said...

And our pie was very good. Can you believe it?

Rob said...

Horse blankets in the dryer?

Pies in the oven?

If that doesn't sound like the makings of a #1 Country Western song than I don't know what does.

Contact Willie Nelson I think you have a winner there.

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