Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Jacked up Again

My keyboard is doing its tricks again--the middle of it craps out on me. That makes for an incomprehensible post, so I have not bothered. I ordered a new one, but it is taking its time getting here.

I am however alive. Still a little sick, but had my first personal training session yesterday since I got sick, and it is like starting all over. I feel better for having gone though--now let's see what happens.

I have been working hard on Harley, and de-spoiling Hammer. Its absolutely fascinating and amazing to me that I have been able to do so much with Harley on my own. Well, hardly on my own, as Tracy is teaching me what to do, then making me do it, and Les is invaluable with some of the ground work stuff. But it is all me sitting up there and riding her around, and that floors me just to think of it. Now that I am doing it, I see that is the easy part....and having Harley be so amazing makes it seem like cake. Now see if I keep up that story when I suffer my first unauthorized ejection, which is bound to happen some time soon.

Also, Operation throw it Away is still going strong. Barry won't recognize the farm. I cannot wait to show him, but I am running out of time. The weather is getting ready to put a stop to it too. The rest of the time lately I have been hanging out with Tracy and Bradgelina, who is the cookingest man I know--I have never eaten as well as I have this week, and hearing all the stories of those two on their adventures in the barrel world and beyond over the last 30 years has had me in stitches. It has been a super fun week.

So, please do not forget me when I cannot type--I will be back as soon as I can. Meanwhile, have a great Thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

Forget you----maybe--but not the beautiful pictures, funny stories, adventures and 'stuff' in general.----so get crackin! ! ! !

I speak for myself and possibly others-----We have patience---

and believe me you will be 'pestered'

Have a great Thanksgiving-
enjoy Carol

duffylou said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Continued success with Harley...

The Wife said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you, Barry and all your critters!

the cubicle's backporch said...

Glad you're motivated outside even though it's cold out. I just sit inside goin "Wow, it looks COLD OUT THERE!"

Hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving!!

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