Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Some frivolousness

And this time I am not talking about the government-although tonight, I made it home by 7pm only to have the government interfere again.

My goal was to get here in time to watch Americas Next Top Model, but oh hell no--the governor candidates were debating again. Current Gov Quinn versus Brady. Its a dilemma for sure, which is the biggest jackass. It sickens me, even before the debate interfered with my lovely evening at home. Quinn is an idiot and Brady is on the wrong side of virtually every one of my issues. The whole thing makes me want to choke someone out. The only thing worse is when Alexi Giannoulias gets on the TV--Lord have mercy, he makes me cringe. What a pack of fools we have in this state. And they just keep going on TV to demonstrate it. It is truly appalling. I cannot wait until the election is over, if only to stop hearing them embarrass themselves.

So anyway, back to the frivolity-- my point is that I have just started paying attention to who the contestants are on the next Celebrity Apprentice, which I swear is one of my very favorite shows ever in the world.

The spring edition is going to have these people:

NeNe Leakes
John Rich
Mark McGrath
David Cassidy
Dionne Warwick
LaToya Jackson
Lisa Rinna
Jose Canseco
Marlee Matlin
Richard Hatch
Niki Taylor
Hope Dworaczyk
Star Jones

I think its interesting how many of these people have been on reality shows--Niki Taylor, Richard Hatch, John Rich, NeNe will be interesting to see how they behave on this show versus the other shows. Also, it will be interesting to see if Lil Jon actually speaks English, and if he is smart, instead of the clown he seems to be. I think John Rich is kind of hot, in a flamboyant kind of way, and for sure Mark McGrath is, so at least there will be someone to look at.

Anyone else dedicated to this who? Who do you think the front runners are?

I cannot believe my life has come to this. Same ol same ol every day--work, exercise, tend to animals, sit in the big chair and watch TV. If I am this pathetic now, I cannot imagine how bad I will be when the time really changes. One cool thing happened today--the prints I ordered from my photography experiment arrived and they are fantastic. I cannot believe I actually took those pics. Freaks me right out.

More than halfway to the weekend----cross your fingers I make it that far without really screwing up something--so far this week, I have been relatively safe for the rest of the world to be around. I know it cannot last long though


Anonymous said...

Heavens to Betsy!

No Paigeasters this week.

So Far!

TV---and time change---yeah.
My favorites are the sports----and how they will do----I am too old to enjoy most of the sit-coms, and the unmentionables - - - - -sick to death of 'hearing about them'
enough said.

Are you familiar with author Kate Wilhelm?

Enjoy Carol

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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