Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bad heroin will get you every time--what is wrong with me?

Maybe you have noticed this or not--but my reactions to things are not normal. I do not know if it is just general contrariness, or after all of the nastiness I have seen through my work, or what it is, but I am extremely unpredictable in my reactions to hot issues in the news. The only thing that is predictable about me is that whatever my reaction is, it will likely be the opposite of normal people.

For example, the Chilean miners? I do not care. Do not ask my why, and I am ashamed to admit it, but I totally do not care. I only know two other people with the same reaction (and oddly, they are two of my best friends). The rest of the world was traumatized. Not us. Terrible atrocities in the world? Eh--not my thing. Major family medical emergency? I pretty much have no visible reaction, it just goes on the calendar to be handled. But Christian the Lion on TV, and I practically need to be sedated. I cried at the frigging Freestyle Reining at Congress and I do not even KNOW those people. Mess up my training schedule and I am likely to have a full on come apart. Back the truck into the dumpster at the farm? Ugh, but who really cares. Bring up my Uncle Don and his marble collection, and I will completely lose it in hysterical tears.

I am telling you, I am not a normal person, and I know this. It is embarrassing, but it is true all the same. My oddities are so well known that my family knows how to set me off by bringing up certain topics (like Don and the marbles), knowing I will end up in a pile on the floor while they point and laugh.

My newest peculiar reaction is something that has been in the news lately.

Evidently, there is a bad batch of heroin going around and people are overdosing willy nilly. Like 9 people in the recent weeks or so, in a metro-East County--so not just a few people, but a bunch of them

My first thought is--who gives a shit? It is not like it is bad insulin for pete's sake, something that people need. It is heroin. It is easily avoided, unlike something you have to have to stay alive. ODing is a risk you take with potent drugs. So what's with the outrage over the bad heroin?

Seems like a fair way to clean the gene pool to me--these people choose to take it, it is not forced on them, so if it goes bad--oh well.

My second thought is that I am going to hell for thinking like this, because I am sure family members etc are devastated about losing these people. You cant help who you love. So that is my disclaimer.

Am I the only person who is completely out of whack?


Holly said...

nope, I am sorry for the family members who may love them. I do not care a whit about the addict. My problem is that I know how infrequently rehab works and how freaking expensive it is and yet my HEALTHY, WORKING daughter cannot afford health insurance. Something is wrong with our system, not you or me. Our society does not reward those who try and succeed to the best of their ability, instead me make it ok to make the wrong decisions.

Venom said...

We must have a similar compassionate gene - let the iv drug users overdose and we'll pay out less for methadone programs, drug related crime, and drug related health care.

I think I need further info on the marbles deal though Paige. ;-)

duffylou said...

Unfortunately it isn't the addicts that suffer. It is the parents, spouses, siblings, grandparents and friends that are broken and shattered needing to be pieced back together.

Just as sure as if a gun killed the addict, over dosing leaves the same mark on these families. Feel compassion for them even though the addict made the wrong choice.

sandraclark4 said...

You're not the only one, but as usual you're a bit over the top.
Love you anyway,

Nancy said...

Nope, not at all....I'm the same way and I had a huge melt down over Christian!

KC said...

I dont think there is anything wrong with you.

I think we might have some things in common.
Stop by and visit.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

I'm actually with you Paige. Not a lot of sympathy for addicts ODing on illegal drugs. Not a lot of sympathy for a lot of other things either. I've always wondered if that made me weird.

People might be surprised to find out that a good majority of addicts family's have written them off or have limited contact with them, fully expect to be contacted in regards to their untimely demise and that sometimes it is actually a relief.

Holly said...

BEC, I think *eventually* lots of family members do write off the addicts but there are some who don't and some who .can't.

I do feel sorry for the's hell on them. Sometimes when the addict is a minor, and cannot be emancipated the families are stuck.

I .still. don't have a lot of sympathy for the addict, even if a minor.

Paige said...

Im not telling you about the marbles Venom. I have too much to do tonight to let myself get out of control bawling and cackling. Its absurd.

Maybe Mandy will come on here and tell it, she is usually the one that sets it off.

Paige said...

Im not telling you about the marbles Venom. I have too much to do tonight to let myself get out of control bawling and cackling. Its absurd.

Maybe Mandy will come on here and tell it, she is usually the one that sets it off.

Paige said...

Obviously, you all suck too.

that makes me feel better

Anonymous said...

1. I don't blog--so nothing lost.

2. Paige you and your friends made my day. I find I am in good company even tho I am an old lady with 'old fashion'ideas about 'compassion' or whatever it is called these days.

3. The first time I hear of a tragedy or ? ? ?--I feel sorry AT THE TIME but then move on--I don't care----and the CONTINUED stories tend to make me analyze, pasteurize and homogenize the story and say oh for "pete's sake"

4. And I agree with Holly-----reward the deserving---LET THOSE OTHER PEOPLE GOOOOO! ! ! !

Marbles! ! ! Did you LOOSE some????

Hehehe and enjoy Carol

Jodi said...

Nope, my compassion level for stupidity is pretty low. Christian the lion - not a tear jerker for me either. Your uncle Don and his marbles? Probably not something I would cry over either, but then again, maybe I would find his marbles moving if I knew the real story. Nah, who am I kidding - I probably wouldn't.

Amy said...

I totally concur - thinning out the gene pool is a good thing - only probably is those people may have reproduced before pitching off and OD'ing...
:) so if you are going to hell for those thoughts, i'll be right there with ya!

the cubicle's backporch said...

I always wondered why they someone just doesn't poison the heroin/meth. Wouldn't it be crazy to hear about which celebrity died from taking bad heroin/meth?

baseballmom said...

NO! i think addiction is a personal choice. and that comes from the daughter of someone who died of alcoholism at 60. it is a selfish thing, and they deserve whatever they get. sorry. there was a news story on the other night about a high school to the north of us about 75 miles where 42 kids are in rehab for heroin addiction. sorry, but where the hell were their parents?! crazy.

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