Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Blank all over, etc

That is what I am. I am not exhausted, not sick, not excited, not hungry, not full of energy--just kind of blank.

I get like that sometimes, and I hate it, because my usual answer to that is to eat a huge amount of something so it will make me feel sick, because at least then I am FEELING. I realize that is insane. My insanity should not come as any surprise to anyone. I will be damned if I do that tonight.

So I have little to say. I took some fun pics, but my computer is su
per slow tonight to download them. Now that I am shooting RAW, it takes two different editors to get pics fit to post. Big pain in the ass.

My neighbor and friend Vickie has taken to helping me at the farm. We are on the same weight loss competition team at the Y and you get competition points for helping a neighbor. She has been going nuts over there. She waters every morning, which is AWESOME, because it frees up so much time for me at night. She has been chainsawing, weeding, cleaning up, you name it, she is doing it. Last night, she came over to show me something on Reno I could not find, and stayed to help me do some stuff. We saddled Harley for the second or third time ever, and Voodoo, and they both practiced standing tied. They did great! She stuck around so I could ride Hammer for the first time since last year--he is a big ol boy compa
red to last year, it is a completely different feel. He needs his teeth done, but I thoroughly enjoyed my short ride, I need to keep doing it. We got Taz's booster shots done, which required haltering him for only his second time. He is now learning some lessons. That would not have happened had she not been playing with babies for a wh

We doctored Tarzan who is not only sick with a cough and the snots, but has poked his leg above his knee so that it is swollen up--he gets doctored and wrapped and given a gentacin shot, and SMZ tabs, you name it, he get it for five days. She helped with everything and we got ALL that done in just over 2 hours. Incredibly productive way to start a week!
My puppies are still separated from each other. Tazer is starting to be a menace in the yard--barking and acting a fool when he knows I am in the barn. I hope he does not carry on like that all the time. He has still only gained 10 pounds total since we got him, so he is fed all the time--even if that is 1:30 am or 5:30 after he potties. That is kind of wearing me out, but thankfully, he goes back to bed easily. I appreciate that. Simba has been acting like Captain Quaalude, so the vet and I are trying some different meds. It is okay if she is senile, but if she is so zoned because she is in pain, that is no good. Now she is on two different pain meds, and I truly think I might be seeing some difference already. That would be a huge relief. Being over ten years old does not happen to a lot of Danes, and I want her happy and comfortable for as long as possible. Slater is just asleep all the time--hard to remember he is an old dude at 8.5 as well. He has always been a sleeper, but this is kind of crazy.

Fonzie the mini is doing well on his stall rest to recover from his laminitic episode. I took him on a walk in the road tonight, and while I am pretty confident he is no longer flaring up, he is a little off on his left. He needs the farrier, so that is on the list. In his stall, he seems to be doing great.

This is silly, I say I have nothing to talk about then start talking animals again. I have to stop that.

Surely, I will be perkier tomorrow


Anonymous said...

You are delightful as ever and PFT. That is Paige Full Throttle!!


Paige said...

PFT! I love that! Pretty apt description of life around here too

Holly said...

what a bonus to have such super help! Good onya! You have needed an adult to help out for a long time.

And that picture of your newest family member is spectacular. Really good. It is incredibly hard to get a good picture of a black dog even in good light!

Anonymous said...

BTW-----as long as U R PFT make sure U R doing it PDQ

Geez!---I like english better--sorry

'By the way' as long as you are 'Paige Full Throttle,' make sure you are doing it 'Pretty Darn Quick.'

Enjoy Carol heheheh

Anonymous said...

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Funder said...

Hope you're feeling alive again today :) I know what you're talking about with the blank feeling and it SUCKS.

Shelley said...

Usually it's only the animals that keep us sane so your post makes perfect sense.

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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