Monday, October 4, 2010

No way to start a Monday

If you are the Baconator, and just trying to enjoy some early morning sun---it probably sucks to have the big Tazer stick his nose up your butt and boot you right out of your nap.

Peeg is no shrinking violet though--and quick on his feet--so he put that dog in his place in a heartbeat. I am not convinced Tazer took him seriously at first.

Clearly he is not dumb--maybe just a little slow to pick up on Peeg's subtle signals.

Before I had backed out of the driveway, peeg was back to snoozing by his hay bale and Tazer had been dispatched to the other side of the driveway. Through this whole thing, Charlie the Cat was asleep on top of peeg's hay bale--I dont think he even lifted his head to see all the ruckus.

In other news, Fonzie is foundering again, so has been put on lockdown. So strange that I have had him for six years and not until last fall did he have the first problem. I shoved his short butt into the barn here at the house on Saturday and got him all sat up in a deeply bedded stall, and started him on timothy cubes. He loves that stuff. I have to get some pics of him in his shavings, up to his knees. He is a happy boy, and doing really well already--even running from me in the stall. Considering he could barely walk on Saturday, that is a huge improvement. Life can be hard on a mini horse, I guess--but he is living like a prince right now, and acting like he is completely entitled to it.

The other news is I went to Dad's doctors appointment today to hear the answer about whether his cancer is in the lining of his bladder. Its not--cancer all gone. He will do six weeks of immunotherapy starting in a month and that will cut the chances of recurrence by 50%.

Last piece of news is that I am off to Congress on Thursday nite---going to spend three or four days there. Congress has the best shopping for horse stuff anywhere. Barry went to watch some cutting and reining today--rough life he has huh? Im looking forward to the trip though--is anyone else going to be there?


Shelley said...

So glad to year your father's good news.

Have fun in Congress. Shop till you drop.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

What a day! I'm glad for the good news on your father.

Holly said...

that is good news about your dad.

Good for Peeg, tho I bet Tazer simply needed edumakated and Peeg did that. OR Taze-Man enjoys tormenting and playing with Sir Baconator. You will know when you get home.

I wish I could be there, but have to work. You enjoy it enough for both of us!

Rob said...

I don't know what the verdict was, after you checked out the rest of my mes, if you decided to come back or not. Regardless, theank you for giving me a shot. I truly enjoy your blog and will continue to be a regular reader. I included a link back here in yesterday's entry. Thank you very much for checking out my nonsense. As one of your readers pointed out it was perhaps not the greatest idea, and likely insensitive as well. It is doubtful I would pull a stunt like that again. I have, however, always been a touch Machiavellian and sort of believe the end justifies the means. My inflammatory comment got you over to my place. I earnestly hope you return. I also thank you for your promotion of my site, and hope I have returned the favor in my latest instalment. In yesterday's entry I included a link back here, to a site I honestly believe everyone should read. I hope you don't mind.

Anonymous said...

Good news about your Dad and his Big C---

And good news about my Big C.

Yeah for both of us.

Enjoy CONGRESS---wrong one---it is allowed for you to shop till you drop for 'pretty halters' or good 'strong halters'! This from the Horse Student.

What is Congress!
Enjoy Carol

Venom said...

When you said Congress, at first I thought it was a political thing, and I felt sorry for you. Then I realized your meant horse congress and became envious immediately. I LOVE to shop for fancy headstalls and stuff at these things - have a super time!!

I keep thinking about adopting a pot bellied pig - Baconator does so well with the dogs. Do you think all peegs do so well with them though?
I'm worried the MightyHunterShepherdBitch would either drive it crazy or the peeg would gut her...

HalfCrazy said...

Hey there!

Ooh, I like that little fight between those two. Okay, I'm not into animals. Haha!

So nice to hear about your Dad's cancer going away just like that!

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