Friday, October 1, 2010

Tazer is improving

Something about that doofy look on his face makes me laugh. Every single time.
Baby Tazer had his stitches out on Wednesday and learned that he has gained 5-6 pounds since his surgery two weeks ago. That actually surprised me, but I was thrilled. Now we only need to do that about 8 more times!

I do not know how his stitches are related to his brain--or maybe he was just really happy to have his cone off of his head--but he has since lost his fool mind. He is so silly, practically bouncing off the walls, and acting like a normal dog. It does my heart good, even if it does put the rest of me in danger of injury.

I worried about it being the right time to bring a new dog into the house, but I think things happen for a reason. Its hard to move a new one into the family, and that is not really something we have done yet for all these reasons, but he is turning out to be a great dog. He stays in the yard to play by himself, does not follow me down the driveway, he quit barking when he is alone, he now can sleep through the night without getting me up, and if not, I can throw him out in the front yard and know he will be okay, he gets along with peeg and Charlie, he has only had accidents in the house when I left him WAY too long and that was when he was in the laundry room recovering so it does not count. He likes everyone who comes over and loves all over them. He even learned to sit--or finally just decided to let me know he can do it. Its such a relief that he is turning out to be so easy, since so often it is not. I think we did good


Holly said...

and I would bet that he thinks he has landed in heaven on earth now that the stitches are out and the cone off!

Paige said...

well right now, he is chasing that same stinking rawhide chip around the living room. It sounds like an earthquake, and I would really like to go to bed.

Im gonna try to bribe him

Anonymous said...

He finally feels 'secure' that he actually has a 'real home' and is showing his appreciation.

Told ya!

Glorious day yesterday---son was over and concrete got poured, fallen tree blocking path cut up, pushed away, painted chimneys etc on roof in anticipation of new one next week---ah--so good

and think today will be glorious too--except be nice if it rained 'just a little' during night.

enjoy Carol

Fantastyk Voyager said...

I'm glad he's doing better. He looks to be quite a character.

The Wife said...

Makes my heart feel good knowing he is so happy. But why wouldn't he be, he's got a great home and knows it!

Funder said...

He's so cute. I'm so glad he's turned the corner and he's on the mend now!

Rob said...

Thank you so very much for checking out my questionable rantings. I really did enjoy your blog. You put a big smile on my face. And thank you for the comment. Sorry for such a shameless attempt to draw you in. But very glad you looked around.

Rob said...

Oh yes planning on sending you a little love in my next entry. Maybe that might entice you back? Shameless I know.

Venom said...

Paige, I'm glad to hear Tazer is doing so well; I could just picture him trying to cover his ear (when the kittens were up top) and falling off the bed. *giggle*

Totally loved the story about getting the kittens down. Though I feel bad for the state of your kitchen, you saved their furry little lives.
Plus, Tazer can sleep more comfortably now.

Amy said...

Yay for Tazer! Glad to hear he is better and especially that he is "cone free" - that was just humiliating ;)
And, yay for the kittens being out too!

Rob said...

Okay so half my comment to you will make no sense due to a cut and paste malfunction. Bill Gates has little to worry about in a rivalry from me. The point was thank you for checking out my site, and I have included a link back to your site in yesterday's entry, and a little promotion for you. Hope you do not mind.

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