Friday, September 17, 2010

My new nephew

This is my new nephew, William Crews. They are calling him Crews--but mostly Crewser, which tends to happen to all the names around here--they get messed with. Mandy and Edward met him yesterday for the first time ever, after being matched with him about 8 months ago. They are still in Korea, and will get him for real on Sunday, and come home Monday. He is a little over 13 months old
I guess I did not expect him to be so cute, but he really is.
This grumpy face is what we have seen in all the pics to date. I was worried about the poor little dude getting served up to Gabi, my neice, who is never serious, and may be truly cracked in the head. There has to be some explanation for why she is so wacky. I was worried this poor Crewser would run away from home as soon as he can walk.
This is one of my favorite pics--it looks like he is wondering about Edward, and asking "WTF?"
Turns out he is not so serious. He looks like he might have some devil in him--and he is going to need it to make it in that house.

I have no idea when I will get to meet him. I have not been invited yet.


Shelley said...

Crewser is precious. Congratulations on the new addition to the family.

Anonymous said...

Welcome Crews -----to your new family---Mom and Dad and
big sister'-------and then Aunt and Uncle up in Illinois and of course grandparents!!!!!

To Paige and BS---got a horse ready for him!!!!

He is sooooo handsome and 'cute'
Enjoy Carol

Amanda said...

You have been invited. You're always invited (except for the next 6 weeks). In fact, you are invited right after Christmas. Come on down to Clownville. Gabi is going to eat him alive. He's either going to love it or play the longest game of hide and seek ever.


Funder said...

He's adorable, but you're right - way too serious for Gabi. I can't wait to see him learn to laugh :)

mommymae said...

like you need to be invited! i can't wait to see him & i know it will be forever. i've only met sweet gabi once! ack!

Paige said...

I do too need to be invited--I am not going to be like mom and just insert myself into their lives whenever I feel like it. They have things they have to do too, and hardly need a whole parade of people through their house every weekend, like it usually is.

Nope, not gonna do it.

And for the record, I have NOT been invited, Mandy Clark, til just now.

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