Sunday, September 19, 2010

Im back

and so tired, I can hardly move. Everything I have to tell will have to wait, as I cannot get the energy to type it.

I do need your good thoughts for my baby Tazer. He woke up Saturday morning, with huge bruising all over his belly and an orange sized fluid filled swelling at the top of his stitches. I rushed him into the vet, who got on to me for letting him on the couch, as he is not supposed to be that active. Evidently any major movement aggravated the many layers of stitches from his stomach out. I do not know how I am supposed to stop him, short of locking him in his pen. I dont want to do that either, as he needs to stay cleaner than that and the neighbors dont need to hear the barking.

He was given another antibiotic and told that he has to have his tummy iced a few times a day. That is also hard to do when I am on my way out of town until tonight, and he could not go with me. And I could not cancel as I was totally obligated somewhere.

That meant Rita and Ed had to take care of him, and they did. They had not even met him yet. Ed shoved his pills down his throat and took care of him. I dont know who put the ice on his tummy-- I am picturing this poor fool with some frozen broccoli on his belly and chest.

So I am home, and he is hurting pretty good. Swollen, and his entire chest is covered with a fluid filled pocket. It is no longer a lump--when he is standing up, it looks like swollen udder all over his front. He is crying right now--but I am not sure if that is his regular crying when I am not doing what he wants, or if something else is wrong. I finally gave him a pain pill. He is still eating well though which is good, so he must not be too terribly miserable.

I cannot stand to see him unwell like this. He is so swollen, he does not look emaciated (unless you look at his spine and hip bones of course). Its awful.

I think we will go figure out some steps so he can get in bed without stressing himself. I know he will jump in bed, but he is not allowed, so I have to figure out a way around it.

STay tuned for news tomorrow, and think good thoughts for baby Tazer


Holly said...

Get well, settle down and BE STILL Young Man.

Don't. make. me. come. out.there.

Anonymous said...

Good Grief! ! ! !

Tazar----listen to Paige-----she will fix you up and your new home will be wonderful.

Paige---take care yourself.


Queen-Size funny bone said...

Hope things get better soon

Shelley said...

I hope Tazar gets to feeling better soon.

As for the bed issue, how about you sleep on the floor instead of the bed until he recovers. :)

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