Sunday, September 12, 2010

A day out of the ordinary

About a month ago, Barry and I went to see the Black Eyed Peas in St Louis. I love those freaks. I thought I loved them, then on my birthday this year, I saw them at the Houston Rodeo with Mandy and those are mini-concerts--but it was awesome, so I really started loving them. So when I heard they were coming here, I sent Barry with cash in hand to buy me some tickets.

He mumbled and grumbled and carried on but he did it. We do not have a fundamental agreement in music, You know how your high school years kind of form you? I was a Def Leppard, Van Halen sort of girl and he was all Slick Rick and Easy E. So not the same. We both like the other kind, but they are not our music identity. We like a lot of the same stuff now, although some of the garbage he listens to embarrasses me to hear the lyrics (really, a magic pussy? where do you get that? oy). In any event, I told him he had to go to this--it is not really him or me, but I knew he would love it. Besides, the tix were too expensive for me to spring for someone else, and I did not know anyone who would pony up to go with me.

So we went, and it was incredible. Despite the events of this year when I went to a lot, I am not a concert go-er. They are too expensive now, and I did a lot of it back in the day, and am mostly over it. This concert was awesome though--we had great seats, just behind Yadier Molina, they were that good.

I think Fergie is outstanding. That bitch can sing. Plus, that body--I could look at that like a full on lesbian all day long. But my real downfall is Taboo. Goodness gracious, that is a hot man. This new thing he does with putting his hair in a bun I could do without, but it is probably for the best, or I might lose control of myself. Even as great of a show they put on, one of the most fun parts is Will.I.Am. and his DJ set. So much fun, so much energy, every song he plays cracks you up--it is just great fun

Tonight I am home late watching the VMAs and the new Will.I.Am song, with Usher--"O.M.G." was just performed. That is what reminded me to post this.

Pic form

After the show, we went to a club, which is also kind of out of character for us. We got lucky and got VIPed into the DJ area--it is a small club (just a few hundred people), so the DJ area was way small. The guest DJ that nite was none other than Will.I.Am. And where he goes, so do the other Peas.

My stupid phone battery was dead, so we had to rely on BS' picture taking capabilities. That is why there are no Taboo pics, damn it.

These sorts of things crack me up--most of the time, I am knee deep in horse shit, and misery--but every once in a while, I am lifting a fancy glass with society photogs at an event. Good thing I like both of those--but I always wonder if people watching have any idea what the other side of me looks like.

Also, I was half crippled for three days after this from dancing so hard--kind of like I had ridden for that long. Maybe worse, actually. Clearly, I am way too old, but it was awesome to play fancy, stay out late, have a driver, and generally not act like farmers. Every once in a while, at least


Queen-Size funny bone said...

sounds like a lot of fun. I like them too. Its funny you mention how sore you were from dancing. Our neighbors had a party with a DJ and I couldn't walk for two days.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Sounds like Good times! I'm going to Muse next week and I am sooooo excited. They are my favorite band. I'm getting my son to go along with me. lol.

Kim said...

OMG! I am so freakin jealous. I think you have got one of your horses shoes up your behind. Is there anyone you can't hang with (or do)? How awesome!

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