Monday, August 30, 2010

There is a new man in town

Is that the most handsome face you have seen in a long time? I think so. And he could not be sweeter if he tried.

He arrived last nite, after running loose and receiving threats of being shot by angry neighbors. He lived in a junk yard, but evidently was not supervised well, and fortunately, the owner agreed to give him to someone who could keep him safer. Linda brought him to me.

And here is the sad part. Look at that poor child. You can see every rib on him, every vertebrae, his hip bones protrude, and he has calluses on his butt bones. It is truly heart breaking.

I took him to the vet today. He weighs 104 pounds, and according to the doc, needs to gain 40-50 pounds. We got very lucky, and he is heartworm negative. We hope he is just full of worms, and we have started treating that. Slowly but surely, we will get this weight back on him. The vet also thinks he is 3 years old or so, which is older than we were told, but still not bad. I was dreading finding out that he was very old, so that is a relief. She based that partly on his teeth, which are in pretty dang good shape, but also the shape and size of his neck--that is all testosterone. Which is the next thing that will be addressed--he gets neutered in a few weeks, and will also have his stomach tacked so that if he bloats, he will not torsion. That is what killed Stumpy and Thor, and I cannot bear to go through it again.

He looks very much like Argo, who we had for several years. That was a wonderful dog, and if this dude is half as wonderful, we will be very happy with him.
He will not meet the other dogs for a few weeks, in case he has picked up something out in the world. At Simba and Slater's advanced ages, kennel cough could do them in, so better safe than sorry. He is currently spending his time in the laundry bathroom except when I am with him, because he thinks he has to mark everything. That is an unpleasant habit that I am not used to, since I do not have intact dogs ever. We will deal with it though.

The current hurdle is to get him to eat. He refused last nite, but ate over night. He has decided not to eat so far today, but maybe he will eat over night again.

I will admit he cuddled up in bed with me for a half hour this morning. I really missed that, as Thor was the best cuddler ever, and it has been a while.

Now--the immediate situation---this boy has no idea what his name is. And I did not like the one he came with, so we need some suggestions. I do not like people names for animals--as you probably know by now--but I dont really have any ideas for this dude. I want something big and strong, because he is sure gonna be!


Linda said...

Oh he's a beaut! How about Zeus?

Holly said...

Traveler, Sojourner, Prospector, Seeker, Scout

Allegro, Rondo (the last movement in a sonata)

Token, Tally, Clue

Holly said...

oh...and that second photo of him....I would have to smooch up on that pretty face!

mommymae said...

you may not like people names, but that one boy is named after my daughter.

general beauregard t. poop-in-the-pants. call him general.

Funder said...

He's adorable! Squeee! I'm so happy for you and especially for him.

What does he think of Peeg? If I were a Dane I think an enormous potbellied pig would confuse me greatly.

Anonymous said...

He is soooo thin---and soooo lucky to have found a nice new 'family'.

Name: I think HE WILL TELL YOU in his own special way. That is how we always chose names for our 4-legged family members.

Only silly names come to mind---but he is 'too dignified' for those.

More pictures to come ---yay!!!
Enjoy Carol

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Awww...poor kid. He is one lucky dog to have been placed with you.

I had a fawn Dane, named Goliath. He was imported from Germany and then the lady who owned him let her boyfriend abuse him horribly. So a friend took him off of her hands and gave him to me for my high school graduation present.

His previous owner tried to take him back once, but Goliath growled at her and I thought he was going to rip her face off. She left...without 'her' dog. I think he was the coolest dog I have ever owned.

JenB said...


Jocelyn said...


Tiffany said...

I like the name Grizz. Like a grizzly bear. Although they're brown not black but he has such pretty eyes and they remind me of a bear.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

hows about RYDER

Linda said...


hooves said...

You know, you could name him Dale or Hamilton since that is where he came from. I know, I know those are people names, but just a thought. I'm glad that I was able to being him to you. hooves

Paige said...

I thought I had it--Vader, like in Darth Vader. But BS says it sounds too much like Slater.

Right now, mr no name is hanging out in the ex pen chewing on a bone, talking to pig, in the front yard. he is very happy.

and SO CUTE!

And I swear MommyMae, when I named Slater, it was either simultaneously to your twins, or I had not heard the names yet--I cracked up when I heard because I knew that would make a normal person crazy. But you are not normal. If it makes you feel better, I have two horses named after your neices

Ruta M. said...

How about Beorn (Tolkein - the bear) though if he was mine I'd be tempted to call him Mouse.

Liza said...

Teaching a dog to eat: go to click on the dogs, then articles people sent you to find, then read the teaching your dog to eat article. It actually does work, and pretty quickly.

I like Traveler or Seeker.

Amy said...

He's a cutie! Sorry I don't have any name suggestions, but am excited to find out what you name him!

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