Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Peeg's trauma

Peeg is so grateful that BS finally trimmed the mess around his second favorite tree--he really likes to rest there, and now he can get a good waller up and sun at the same time, without dealing with weeds. And he needs this rest because he had a hard weekend.
This morning, Peeg was on high alert when I left for work. In fact, he has been on high alert since Sunday nite, when the big trauma happened. Really, I just included this picture because those belly wrinkles absolutely crack me up. Anyway, Peeg finally got his tusks clipped Sunday night. And what a spectacle it was! This required a rope to go in his mouth and be snugged up over his snout. But first you have to catch him.

The screaming started long before we ever got our hands on him. Boce loves visiting, and being petted on his own terms, and he particularly loves having his belly scratched, and sometimes his butt scratches make his leg shake like a dog--but he does NOT like being held. Not at all. He must have known he was going to be trapped, because he started screaming like a mad man when we first even thought of catching him.

We chased him around in the garage for a while--and you have not seen a disaster area like our garage. Much of that is Boce's fault but even when we did not have him, it was a disaster. He makes piles though. All of this is to tell you what a circus this was--three people chasing him, me cackling like a loon, Head cussing and Linda laughing and asking Head if he was really having a heart attack. Eventually, Head tackled Boce on a mattress, and got the rope in his mouth. That just made him scream more. Boce not Head. Well maybe both.

The next step was to get the cutters. Bolt cutters. I stood behind and over Boce and scratched his belly while he got nipped. When he was not screaming, he was humming because he really likes that tummy scratching. At some point, I fell down backwards and he plopped right in my lap. That just made me laugh harder, which he did not appreciate. I think he was just overwhelmed and maybe a little mad at us for laughing at him. So he got his teeth did, and the second we took the rope of his snoot, he shut up. Then he ran like hell.

This process does not hurt, so please do not think we are evil. He was starting to use those things as weapons. He bit Simba just before we did this, for no reason at all, other than that she was standing there. He was just tasting her, not being mean, but with tusks three inches long, some damage can be done.

By the time he got back from dinner, Boce loved me again, but when he saw Head, he turned around and ran away. Guess that will take more than an hour to get over.

But look how pretty he looks! No more ouchy tusks sticking out. He is such a handsome peeg.
Charlie on the other hand, is one angry cat for some reason. Maybe he watched this whole thing go down, and is holding a grudge on Boce's behalf. I am never sure about Charlie--he is a strange dude. Why else would his best friend be a pig?


Anonymous said...

Laughing, smiling, giggling, through this whole detailed story.

I am not sure what would be funnier---Peeg or Head going through this wrestling match. I can 'imagine' that guy Head grappling with those bolt cutters. Too funny, but oh my Peeg is sooooo handsome without his "whiskers alias tusks"

The referees alias Paige and Linda making sure the 'count' goes to Head who had the takedown of his opponet.

And then there is Charlie the "favorite fan' making sure his friend is OK! ! !

Love it all and you guys enjoy

Queen-Size funny bone said...

a happy pig is a healthy pig. lol

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