Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I would blog but....

It is just too hot. I am afraid to break a sweat. My A/C cannot keep up with the 112-123 heat index we have had this week. Neither can the one at work, where it was 82 when I got to work this morning, so they sent me home to work at home. I knew it was messed up yesterday and even last week I mentioned it, but I guess no one cared enough to do anything about it. When I was there one nite, I kept having to print my work, then go down to the car to edit in the car with the A/C on full blast

I thought that would be swell to work at home. It usually is, I get so much done. It was not swell today. I was typing typing typing, with the plastic covers of transcripts on my lap, and the heat from my computer made me sweat. That is just nasty. I even bought a fancy dehumidifier last week because someone said that it would help the sweating situation while in my house, and I busted it out today

I don't think it does help much.

It is now getting down to the lower 70s in my house--at 10:30 pm almost. I like it no hotter than 70 degrees. I think it is 74 right now. I would go to sleep but that is even worse. The coolest room in the house this minute is the living room---and who ever goes in there? I wonder if I could sleep on that couch? I have never tried it, but this might be the day.

Ugh. This is too much activity for me, I have to quit


Fantastyk Voyager said...

Yuck! Sounds really hot!! That makes it so hard to concentrate when you're working. Go take a cold shower. You have my permission. ;)

Anonymous said...

I know ---I know-----John Champion the weather guy on Pacu WPSD NBC said yesterday-----and it made sense

"One must respect the weather, then take one day at a time, use good common sense in your daily life routines ( water, clothing, etc,. There is nothing that can be done so simply accept and deal with it. CAUSE it will be here for awhile longer. "

sigh! ! !

but it is your kids and a whole lot of other animals who are suffering too----and no a/c.

Take care Carol

Anonymous said...

A word to the wise---since you walk around in your fields etc with flip flops or whatever on your feet and bare legs.

My son Richard got bit on the leg between ankle and knee by a copperhead snake--walking in a field with a couple of friends and dogs. Be careful.

Thought I would share---be careful

Venom said...

WTH? Are you serious with that temperature? Holy shit, I couldn't take it - I'd have to move.

I hate the weather here too. When the government has yearly 'excess moisture' rebate programs going on for rural dwellers you know you've picked the wrong place to live.

Once again, Paige, SUCH a gorgeous picture of Hawk & Bree, she looks just like I remember feeling as a kid on horseback!

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