Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Who do you call about this?

After work today, I drove most of the way to Indianapolis to pick up my Amish worker Menno. He took a bus, run by Mennonites and just full of Amish people, from Delaware to Indiana, and I was to pick him up at 6:30 p.m. Hard enough for me to remember what time it is in Indiana on any given day, since they cannot commit to this daylight savings time and whether they are on it--but I did it. And really--how many people even know there IS a Mennonite bus line that Amish take back and forth between Indiana and Delaware, twice a week? It was sure news to me. I like facts like that.

Anyway I went as fast as I could, and got there a little after 6. I was proud of me. I cleaned my car, got gas, etc. And I waited. I had a Sprite Zero and a Diet Red Bull. A big one. And I waited some more. I knew I was in the right place, as I dropped him off there to go on this trip last Friday. There was a scary looking fat man in a van in that same area that appeared to be there to fetch people, but I really did not want to talk to him. So I continued waiting, read my book, played on my Droid, and drank another Red Bull. And I waited some more.

I was really starting to worry. After all, who do you call to find out where your Amish is? No one, that is who.

What if I lost him somehow? How long was I supposed to wait before I turned around and went home? Or was I supposed to stay until he got there? It is about 160 miles from here, so it is not like I could zip home and come back when he called from the truck stop to ask me where in the hell I was. I told myself I would wait until 9:30 then give up.

Of course, about 7:30, the bus pulled in. No need for all the dramatics, but that is how I calm myself down from my ridiculous hysteria.

Now I am home, having made a big deal out of nothing, as I always do. I am really absurd.

But for real--Who DO you call in such a situation to find out what the deal is? Hell if I know

Quite a bit different than yesterday huh?


Jocelyn said...

OMG that is really funny!
Who do you call?

This post actually made me laugh out loud!

Anonymous said...

On other hand---even Ghost Busters would not be able to help-----

Monday to Tuesday---ridulous to sublime! ! ! !

But wait----what is the next episode of the week----Wednesday! ! ! and it is today.

Good luck!

Holly said...

Who do you call? Ghostbusters...oh wait.....that was something different wasn't it?

Glad you found him ok, I'd hate to have you miss out on the Amish guys for help!

Lori said...

Apparently... I have a part Mennonite relative who is in the transporting Amish business! Not really sure how that works but there ya go.

Amy said...

That's just funny

They need an Amish bat signal or something that would call the commissioner....

Anonymous said...

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